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Product Report

Aug. 1, 2017

Instrument resharpening program by PDT

PDT, Inc., which produces dental instruments such as the Montana Jack, Queen of Hearts, and Jack B. Nimble Slim, recently launched a new instrument resharpening program. The program allows clinicians to send hand instruments to PDT’s master craftspeople to evaluate and restore to original sharpness. Regardless of manufacturer, instruments can be sent to PDT for resharpening, and clinicians are only charged for those that can be resharpened. Instruments that can no longer safely be restored can be recycled with PDT through their Earthcare program.


Automated Floss Dispenser by Flosstime

Flosstime is a device that fastens to bathroom mirrors, and it notifies users when it is time to floss, automatically dispensing floss at the push of a button. The circular device dispenses the American Dental Association-recommended 18 inches of floss, cuts it, and sets a 90-second LED-timer that moves around the device. After 90-seconds, Flosstime will light up with a smile as a reward for a job well done. After a 22-hour period of inactivity, an orange frown reminds the user that it is time to floss again. If unused after seven days, the device will automatically shoot out a length of floss. The device can be set to single and dual-user modes. Flosstime comes with a replaceable cartridge, which should last the daily flosser approximately three to four months.


Enamel Pro flavors by Premier Dental Products

Premier Dental reported that a pre-market survey indicated that two new flavors should be popular. ChocHazelnut is “Nutella-like” according to many hygienists, and Mixed Berry is “pleasant and refreshing.” Enamel Pro offers remineralizing technology through amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP). As with all Premier prophy pastes, Enamel Pro contains no nuts or nut byproducts and is gluten-free.


Intra-Nasal Sleep Inhaler by Splintek

The Intra-Nasal Sleep Inhaler can help improve sleep through an intra-nasal breath aid with lavender crystals to help with relaxation. The inhaler opens nostrils 58% to increase airflow and deliver a sustained-release, relaxing lavender scent. Studies show that the benefits of lavender lowers serum cortisol levels. The Sleep Inhaler is reusable for up to 10 days/nights of continuous comfort. The lavender crystals are drug-free. Splintek, Inc. owns and operates the SleepRight and HearRight product lines.