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July 1, 2011
FlashTips Disposable Air Water Syringe Tips from Sultan Healthcare reduce the risk ...
FlashTips air/water syringes thwart cross-contamination

FlashTips Disposable Air Water Syringe Tips from Sultan Healthcare reduce the risk of cross contamination that can occur with metal tips. FlashTips directly replace metal air/water syringe tips. The tips provide safety with a double-grooved, deep locking mechanism to ensure the tip remains secure in the syringe. FlashTips offer a solid construction with an inner water tube that will not shift under pressure. FlashTips come in five sleek colors – blue, green, pink, orange, and purple.Visit

Arm & Hammer toothpaste features Liquid Calcium
The formula for Arm & Hammer's Complete Care Enamel Strengthening toothpaste contains Liquid Calcium (ACP Technology) that helps rebuild and strengthen enamel weakened by acidic foods and drinks. In addition, baking soda and peroxide remove plaque and whiten teeth while neutralizing acids. Visit; professional discounts available at (800) 446-6666

Sunstar announces release of GUM Technique toothbrushes

Sunstar Americas, Inc., recently launched its newest line of toothbrushes – GUM Technique Deep Clean, GUM Technique Sensitive Care, and GUM Technique Complete Care. In addition, Sunstar also has updated and reintroduced the very popular GUM Micro Tip and GUM Super Tip toothbrushes. The GUM Technique Deep Clean toothbrush features extremely tapered bristles that penetrate 2.8 mm into the sulcus. The patented Quad-Grip handle design, available on all Technique toothbrushes, helps guide patients to hold the brush at the proper 45-degree angle for optimal cleaning. Visit

CariFree introduces tooth gel

Oral BioTech recently announced the introduction of CariFree HA Nano Gel, which combines bioavailable nano hydroxyapatite crystallites, xylitol, and CariFree's pH+ technology. The minty tooth gel aids in the neutralization of acidic bioflim and repair of the enamel matrix. Dental professionals can recommend the gel for whitening sensitivity, dry mouth, and acidic bioflim prevention. Each box contains one 2 fluid ounce bottle. Visit www.carifree.comCariFree pHluorigel assists in remineralizatoin

Oral BioTech recently introduced CariFree pHluorigel HA Nano that combines bioavailable nano hydroxyapatite crystallites with 5,000 ppm sodium fluoride, xylitol, and CariFree's pH+ technology. Dentists may recommend brushing with pHluorigel one or two times daily, or wearing in a tray appliance for increased exposure. Visit

Steri-Shield provides infection control barriers

Steri-Shield introduces a line of infection control barriers, ranging from curing lights to dental lamp handles. Free samples are available. Visit or call (800) 699-7220.

Spinbrush Globrush encourages compliance with lights

The Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Globrush, a battery powered toothbrush, encourages tweens to brush longer with a two-minute timer that changes between a red and green light every 30-seconds, signaling them to switch zones. The toothbrush shuts off after two minutes. The high frequency, micro-pulsing brush head removes up to 70% more plaque in hard-to-reach places, and the soft, v-shaped bristles can be used by orthodontic patients. Visit, or call (800) 447-6666 about professional discounts

Thumbuddy to Love releases the Binky Fairy

Thumbuddy to Love recently announced its new product, the Binky Fairy, that helps kids break the pacifier habit gently. The product is designed for children ages 2 to 4 and retails for $19.95. The Binky Fairy comes with a children's book and interactive Binky Fairy finger puppet and can help children survive the weaning period of giving up their pacifier. Endorsed by pediatricians, this positive teaching tool can be used to help prevent improper growth of baby teeth due to pacifier sucking. Some pediatricians say that pacifier sucking can lead to 50% more ear infections, as well as affecting speech. Visit www.ThumbuddyToLove

Darby introduces disposable air/water syringe tips

Darby Dental Supply recently introduced Darby Disposable Air/Water Syringe Tips, which are comprised of a steel inner core that guarantees dry air or fresh water on demand. The plastic exterior of the syringe tips comes in five translucent colors – yellow, purple, teal, blue, and clear. The tips are available in a 250-count assortment bag of colors, or in one solid color. A locking bayonet ring prevents accidental ejection of the tip. The sturdy design allows for full cheek and tongue retraction. Visit

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