Mouthrinse 101: What's in the bottle and why it matters

Curious about what's really in your mouthrinse and how it impacts your oral health? Watch this informative RDH Solutions Lab on mouthrinse ingredients to ensure you are choosing the best one for your patients.
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Join us for an informative webinar hosted by dental hygienist Jackie Sanders, featuring dental hygienist Melissa Calhoun, MSDH, RDH. During this webinar, Melissa will delve into the crucial topic of understanding different over-the-counter mouthrinse ingredients and their impact on patient recommendations. With her vast clinical experience in pediatric, general, and implant dentistry, Melissa will share invaluable insights on how to simplify and refine your mouthrinse recommendations based on each patient's unique needs and preferences. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Melissa's wealth of knowledge and practical expertise.

Learn objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the main active and nonactive ingredients found in over-the-counter mouthrinses.
  • Explore the pros and cons of antiseptic mouthrinses with and without alcohol.
  • Discover the benefits of essential oils and CPC in promoting oral health.
  • Understand the role of sodium chlorite in combating oral malodor and pH balancing.
  • Learn about ingredients used for dry mouth relief and their effectiveness.
  • Evaluate the impact of other ingredients on patient experience and results, including xylitol, sweeteners, colors/dyes, sulfates, and potential irritants.
  • Receive personalized recommendations and insights from Melissa, a trusted dental hygienist.


Melissa Calhoun

Melissa Calhoun, MSDH, RDH, has more than two decades of dental expertise, beginning as a dental assistant and completing a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene from St. Petersburg College in 2008 and a master’s in dental hygiene concentration in education from the Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene at MCPHS University in 2021. She practices clinically and has experience in pediatric, general, and implant dentistry. Outside of clinical practice, she has two years of experience teaching didactic and clinical dental hygiene at Fortis College in Landover, Maryland. She is an educator for Arm & Hammer Oral Care and the Swiss Dental Academy (SDA). She teaches National Dental Hygiene Board Examination Reviews with Sanders Board Preparatory.

Jackie Sanders | Moderator

Jackie Sanders, MBA, RDH, has more than four decades of continual career development and experience in dentistry. As the chief editor of RDH magazine, she strives to remain a proactive personality in the continual advancement of the profession. She has been defined as a motivated trendsetter and dependable colleague and is inspired by her true passion of helping others to achieve their personal goals.

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