Navigating the therapeutic maze: Addressing the limitations of therapeutics in dental hygiene

Tune in to this on-demand RDH Solutions Lab to discover innovative approaches addressing the limitations of current therapeutics in dental hygiene, focusing on biofilm disruption for comprehensive perio care.
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Periodontal disease is the result of the body’s reaction to the development of dysbiotic biofilm. Scaling and root planing is the gold standard for periodontal disease treatment and thorough debridement is necessary for arresting the disease process. Although the primary cause is live, destructive biofilm, clinicians spend much of their treatment efforts removing the hard deposits off root surfaces. However, not addressing the active, live biofilm embedded in the root structure and diseased soft tissue leaves the active cause of the disease behind. What we leave behind may be more important than what we remove.

Let’s explore what may be left behind after our initial efforts. We discuss the current modalities we have for disrupting biofilm and their limitations. Also, PerioDT, a topical agent effective at removing biofilm, will be introduced.

During this presentation we will:

  1. Discuss the importance of thorough debridement, including the removal of biofilm during nonsurgical periodontal therapy.
  2. Review current modalities of biofilm disruption and their limitations.
  3. Investigate PerioDT as an option for biofilm removal.
  4. Evaluate current research indicating the benefits of PerioDT’s formula for use during nonsurgical periodontal therapy.


Nicole Fortune

Nicole Fortune, RDH, is a highly regarded dental hygienist, educator, consultant, and professional speaker who has gained industry-wide recognition for her advanced knowledge of periodontics, periimplantitis, and business-to-business referral marketing. She became the first dental professional in Vermont certified in perioscopy, CO2, diode, Nd:Yag laser use. and guided biofilm therapy. She earned both her BA and dental hygiene degree at the University of Vermont and her MBA from Champlain College. Nicole is currently working with Young Innovations as a clinical education manager.

Amber Auger | Moderator

Amber Auger MPH, RDH, is the 2019 Sunstar Award of Distinction recipient, a practicing dental hygienist, corporate consultant, and international speaker. Amber is the editorial director of the RDH Graduate newsletter and consultant for RDH magazine. She created Thrive in the OP, a membership course that equips dental hygienists with clinical, business, and leadership skills outside of their traditional hygiene degree. Amber can be reached at [email protected].

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