Why dry mouth patients continue to suffer: New lipid-based technology that lasts

Discover a game-changing approach to managing dry mouth in this RDH Solutions Lab. Explore the innovative lipid-based technology offering long-lasting relief, empowering informed decisions for effective xerostomia care.

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Xerostomia can be a persistent and uncomfortable condition that affects individuals of various age groups and backgrounds. It can result from a variety of factors, including medications, medical conditions, and lifestyle choices such as vaping or marijuana use. Dry mouth can lead to a range of oral health issues, including cavities, gum disease, and difficulties in speaking and swallowing.

The new lipid-based technology mentioned in your statement could be a reference to products like lipid-based moisturizing oral sprays or mouthwashes that are designed to provide longer-lasting relief for dry mouth symptoms compared to traditional water-based solutions. This NEW Lipid-based product aims to mimic the natural protective layer of saliva in the mouth, helping to lock in moisture and provide relief from the discomfort of dry mouth.

In this interactive webinar, you will:

  • Review the statistics of xerostomia
  • Compare product formulations to make evidence-based decisions for xerostomia relief
  • Review how lipid-based formulations interact with salvia


Tom Viola, RPh, CCP

With more than 30 years of experience as a board-certified pharmacist, Tom Viola, RPh, CCP, is a renowned clinical educator, author, and speaker. He specializes in making pharmacology practical for dental professionals. Tom is the founder of Pharmacology Declassified, providing valuable insights into the relationship between pharmacology and dentistry. He's an esteemed faculty member in multiple dental professional degree programs, a published author, and has received several teaching awards. Tom has delivered over 1000 engaging continuing education seminars and webinars to dental professionals worldwide.

Moderator | Amber Auger, MPH, RDH

Amber Auger MPH, RDH, is the 2019 Sunstar Award of Distinction recipient, a practicing dental hygienist, corporate consultant, and international speaker. Amber is the editorial director of the RDH Graduate newsletter and consultant for RDH magazine. She created Thrive in the OP, a membership course that equips dental hygienists with clinical, business, and leadership skills outside of their traditional hygiene degree. Amber can be reached at [email protected].

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