Anne M. Duffy, RDH

Anne M. Duffy, RDH, is a passionate, dedicated member of the dental community, and she works diligently to empower others to strengthen themselves and their dental careers.  Anne graduated from Ohio State University in 1974 and has been practicing ever since. With six state boards under her belt, she has worked in practices around the country forming relationships with professionals throughout the various facets of the industry. In 1995 she joined a direct sales company selling toothpaste and alcohol-free mouth rinse and worked to build the largest group of female leaders in the company. In 1998, Anne assisted with the launch of Dental Entrepreneur: Business Beyond the Classroom as the only sales associate, and in 2002 she purchased the publication. In 2016 she conceived Dental Entrepreneur Woman magazine and is committed to inspiring, highlighting, empowering and connecting all women in dentistry. She is building up the DeW community as a movement to continue to advance women in dentistry and the causes they advocate.