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“A picture-perfect, rare gem of an RDH”

Sept. 20, 2022
As a "shining example" of what a dental hygienist should be, Adrienne Kalthoff has impressed colleagues and patients alike with how she "radiates" a love for her profession.

Each week the RDH PIRA (Patient Impact & Rise Above) recognition program, sponsored by Water Pik, Inc., features a dental hygiene clinician who excels in his or her role and goes the extra mile. The past two years have been a challenge for many clinicians and as we return to the operatory, we want to acknowledge those who provide patient care—clinicians who are changing their patients’ lives, influencing their patients’ health, and making a difference every day. This week we honor Adrienne Kalthoff, RDH. 

“Adrienne Kalthoff, RDH, is a picture-perfect, shining example of a dental hygienist. She entered dental hygiene because she identified it as a profession where she could use her skills and attention to detail while engaging one patient at a time. She radiates in her ability to help transform the oral health of her patients. She finds it most satisfying when a patient can self-identify how significantly their oral health has improved under her care.

“Her attention to detail is unparalleled. She always goes the extra mile to make sure her patients have an exemplary cleaning experience. She greets every patient with a smile and works diligently to make sure everyone is comfortable while in her chair. She makes an investment in her patients, so she knows them as individuals, their preferences, their oral health goals, and integral parts of their life stories.

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“Some of her greatest accomplishments as a hygienist have come from patients with periodontal disease. She has worked in tandem with these patients to improve their smile, confidence, and overall oral health. Adrienne is incredibly detailed with each cleaning she performs. Given this level of care, she finds it most complimentary when patients ask if they can fall asleep during their cleanings because she can provide a high level of care with a comfortable touch.” 

Adrienne has been with Nicole Barrineau, DDS, PA, and her team for five years. Her role has evolved as she has taken on more responsibilities, helping ensure the practice runs as a fine-tuned machine, and providing the highest level of dental care in a state-of-the-art office.

She performs numerous functions, including maintaining OSHA and HIPAA compliance throughout multiple critical processes. Adrienne has the history and experience to support the operations of the practice in many different facets, making her contributions of great value on a daily basis. Her colleagues add, "Adrienne is a rare gem, and Dr. Barrineau’s practice is enhanced by her contributions." 

Visit the PIRA website to nominate someone today! Good luck, and we look forward to hearing from many outstanding and qualified colleagues!