RDH Quik Chat: Sue Scherer and Annie Walters

March 21, 2024
Which Waterpik products will work best for your patients? As a clinical hygienist who now works for Waterpik, Sue Scherer shares what she and her patients found to be most effective.

Annie Walters, MSDH, RDH magazine contributor, chats with Sue Scherer, BS, RDH, Waterpik education and professional relations manager. They share their experiences about "exhausting" patients—the ones who refuse to comply with your recommendations and whose oral health never improves, despite all your efforts and suggestions.

When Sue discovered water flossing was for everyone, she did more research about Waterpik water flossers. She liked what she learned and started recommending them to her patients. She saw immediate results in many patients, who were also thrilled with what water flossing was doing to improve their oral health.

When she was asked to work at Waterpik, she didn't hesitate to join the team and share what Waterpik has to offer with her peers. She wants all dental hygienists to find easy ways to gain patient compliance.

Waterpik professional educators are available to visit dental offices and educate the staff about any and all Waterpik products. Learn more about some of their products in Annie and Sue's Quik Chat.