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RDH Solutions Lab

Exploring the Health Benefits of Limosilactobacillus reuteri

Unlock the secrets of oral health with our RDH Solutions Lab as we delve into the fascinating world of Limosilactobacillus reuteri. Join us on a journey to explore its pivotal...
Xerostomia Dry Mouth Image
RDH Solutions Lab

Why dry mouth patients continue to suffer: New lipid-based technology that lasts

Discover a game-changing approach to managing dry mouth in this RDH Solutions Lab. Explore the innovative lipid-based technology offering long-lasting relief, empowering informed...
Gums Galore
RDH Solutions Lab

Gums Galore: Recent trends in effective gingival management

Dive into the world of gingival care and learn how to enhance patient comfort and compliance for healthier gums in this insightful RDH Solutions Lab.
Periodontal Disease
RDH Solutions Lab

Navigating the Therapeutic Maze: Addressing the Limitations of Current Therapeutics in Dental Hygiene

Tune in to this on-demand RDH Solutions Lab to discover innovative approaches addressing the limitations of current therapeutics in dental hygiene, focusing on biofilm disruption...
RDH Solutions Lab

Mouthrinse 101: What's in the bottle and why it matters

Curious about what's really in your mouthrinse and how it impacts your oral health? Watch this informative RDH Solutions Lab on mouthrinse ingredients to ensure you are choosing...
Teeth Examination
RDH Solutions Lab

Shifting biofilm: The RDH guide to identifying dysbiosis

Ready to unravel the mysteries of oral and systemic dysbiosis? View this RDH Solutions Lab and discover how bioavailable L. reuteri can pave the way to a symbiotic oral environment...
RDH Solutions Lab

We’re All in This Together: Providing Care for All Patients.

Explore the importance of accessible dental care and patient support in this enlightening RDH Solutions Lab. Discover strategies to overcome challenges and improve overall oral...
Ora Care Health Rinse 06

Rinsing: The missing step in oral hygiene

If you’ve been searching for a safe and effective alternative to chlorhexidine, this course provides the roadmap to success.