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RCC Spotlight: Brittany Glauz, @brushwithbritt

Jan. 18, 2022
Meet Brittany Glauz, RDH, one of five new members of the RDH Community Connections (RCC) dental hygiene influencer program. Lifelong learning and sharing that knowledge with others is the driving force behind Britt’s social media platforms.

Brittany Glauz, RDH, has been a dental hygienist for a little more than a year, but already she has big plans for the future. While still in school, her dental hygiene program shut down during the pandemic. With unexpected time on her hands, she decided to dedicate her Instagram page to oral health.

At the time, Britt had fewer than 1,000 followers. But the more she posted, the more her followers loved her content, so she kept on going. In about a year and a half, @brushwithbritt has more than 10,000 followers. Britt records monthly podcast episodes and is also on TikTok. “It’s become a second job for me,” she says, “and it’s so fun! I love being able to talk to so many different people from around the world. And most of all, I love educating people about the importance of dental hygienists and oral health!”

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Britt did not always have that passion for dental hygiene. In fact, she dropped out of college and had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. As she puts it, she “stumbled upon dental assisting.” While working as an assistant, she decided to pursue dental hygiene. The appeal of a career that would allow her to become financially independent and successful despite dropping out of college drove her to pursue dental hygiene without any outside financial support.

In addition to improving her own life, Britt had the desire to improve patients’ lives, and she became an oral health educator. “I became an advocate on social media because I wanted to create a space where people could find encouragement to pursue dental hygiene as well as learn about oral health. My social media platforms are not only created to spread awareness about oral health but also to help people in need of a mentor. I use my story of dropping out of college and completing dental hygiene school debt free with no financial help as a success story to encourage others to follow their dreams of becoming oral health advocates.”

Britt’s goal is to create a mentor program for people in need of guidance who are pursuing dental hygiene. She would also like to create community projects with other social media creators to advocate for oral health and spread awareness. She hopes to broaden the scope of dental hygiene practice and become involved with the changes and advancements of the profession.

It has not been that long since Britt “stumbled” into the dental field. But in that short period, she has learned much and has devoted herself to learning and sharing that knowledge. “Working in dentistry has shown me how much the profession has grown, but it has also shown me how much growing we have left to do. I hope by using my platforms that I can help empower dental hygienists to continue to progress and advance our careers. I look forward to what the future holds for all of us!”

You can contact Britt at [email protected] or connect with her through Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook; all handles are @brushwithbritt. She is always looking for guests for her podcast.

Congratulations, Brittany Glauz, and welcome to the RDH Community Connections (RCC) dental hygiene influencer program!

Editor's note: This article appeared in the January print edition of RDH magazine.