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Advisory Board Spotlight: Lisandra Maisonett and Karen Davis

July 27, 2022
Our advisory board works with our content team to make RDH the leading publication for the dental hygiene profession. Meet two of our remarkable board members each month!

Lisandra Maisonett, BS, RDH, PHDHP, EFDA, CDA

What is your “why” behind your passion for dental hygiene?

I grew up in a single-parent home where my mom did her best to provide for us. She excelled at aligning us with mentors who helped us believe in ourselves and
what we could accomplish in life. I have always wanted to pay this forward by serving as a mentor and inspiration for others. My goal is to help reignite passions among my colleagues who feel burned out or need a reminder about why they entered this profession. Dental hygienists are exceptional and can make a difference in the lives of their patients by providing services that enhance their overall health. Inspiring dental hygienists to embrace and love their profession is what ignites me. If I can inspire even one hygienist, then I have made a difference.

What is your focus for 2022?

My goal for 2022 is to create a movement that will take our profession by storm. The Dental Hygiene Health Alliance of Pennsylvania’s National Task Force is ready to join in with movers and shakers from across the country who will work endlessly to ensure that the public and our legislators are educated and understand we are not “tooth cleaners.” The services we provide can and will save lives. It is time to gain respect for our profession! It is time dental hygienists are utilized to their fullest potential in providing care for the underserved. This alliance will provide professional growth opportunities for dental hygienists and, most importantly, take this profession to another level. We have been around for 100 years, and our time is now!

Karen Davis, RDH, BSDH

Why would you choose dental hygiene all over again?

The reason I’m so thankful I chose to be a dental hygienist is an easy answer: the people I get to interact with! I’ve treated patients for 42 years and have spent 36
of those years in the same dental practice. April Fool’s Day is our favorite holiday to celebrate, so we’ve covered the gamut of crazy pranks. In 1999, I expanded the pool of great people I get to know in this profession when I started my own continuing education company. I am blessed with so many people I am honored to know and care for as a result of being a registered dental hygienist.

What is your focus for 2022?

My focus for 2022 emerged as I gave the closing program at RDH UOR in
Indianapolis in July 2021. The audience was filled with innovative, forward-thinking dental hygienists. I returned home and formulated a plan for my future. I have loved everything about my speaking career, but in 2022, I will be presenting new and exciting content in many familiar places, and it will become my swan song for the speaking circuit with a crescendo and celebration in February 2023 at the Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting. More leisure and family time will be welcome following such an amazing career as a continuing education speaker.

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