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Pro Paste One

Chairside Impact: Pac-Dent ProPaste One

June 30, 2023
Hygienists have come up with many not-so-ergonomically-friendly ways of handling prophy paste. Pac-Dent provides a better option with their new ProPaste One disposable ring-and-paste combo.

Every clinician has their own way of handling prophy paste. Techniques like grasping the cup tightly between the fingers, smearing paste across the patient’s teeth, resting the cup on the patient’s bib, making multiple turns to the tray, or reusing the infamous silver ring have become commonplace. One might say that these practices have been adopted out of necessity, as dental hygienists typically work unassisted. Unfortunately, these techniques may pose both ergonomic and infection-control hazards as continual tight grasping, turning, spatter, and inadequate sanitization of rings can lead to injury for the clinician.1 Pac-Dent provides a solution to these concerns with their new ProPaste One disposable ring-and-paste combo.

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Changing the game

It’s no secret that Pac-Dent has worked tirelessly to revolutionize the polishing game with its line of nonspatter products. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was clear that changes needed to be made to many of the everyday products and techniques used by clinicians to better protect themselves and their patients against a variety of harmful pathogens.2 Pac-Dent took these concerns seriously and developed the AntiSplatr line of prophy angles, the ProMate CL hygiene handpiece, and now the ProPaste One combo. This disposable ring-and-paste system contains individually assembled prophy paste encased in a single-use ring that increases convenience, ergonomic support, and safety for the oral health-care provider.

Simple, safe, and effective

The science of formulating quality prophy paste may seem simple, but there are many factors to consider. ProPaste prophy paste was developed with both the patient and clinician in mind so that effective plaque and stain removal can be done in the safest way. This gluten-free paste has an ultrasmooth, highly viscous consistency that allows it to flow around the clinician’s working area without flinging from the patient’s mouth. The 1.23% sodium fluoride and tricalcium phosphate (TCP) included in the formulation aids in dentinal hypersensitivity relief as well as caries prevention. The ProPaste One is available in fine, medium, and coarse grit, and the mint and bubblegum flavors are sure to please.

The ring that is preassembled with each prophy paste cup makes this polishing combo complete. This single-use plastic band is adjustable, allowing the product to sit securely in the desired location throughout the duration of the polishing procedure. Since every cup comes with its own ring, there is no need to sanitize or sterilize for reuse; simply toss it in the trash or recycle bin after the procedure. Using the disposable ring minimizes infection control concerns and eliminates the need for repetitive twisting, stretching, or pinching. This allows polishing to be performed in a way that is friendly to the operator’s musculoskeletal health.

Although coronal polishing is one of the oldest procedures in the dental hygiene process of care, the science continues to evolve. Safer, more efficient tools and techniques have been developed over the years that benefit both the patient and the provider. Ergonomics and infection control remain top priorities in preserving career longevity, and Pac-Dent’s prophy product line is growing to support what matters most to hygienists. The ProPaste One ring-and-paste combo is the new essential for a comfortable, spatter-free polishing experience. 

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