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Dental Hygiene Pet Peeves

This got you talking: Top pet peeves in dental hygiene

Nov. 2, 2023
What's your number one on-the-job peeve? Chances are, your hygiene peers can relate. Read on to see what your industry colleagues have to say.

A question on the RDH Facebook page about hygienists' biggest job-related pet peeves got many of you talking, with responses ranging from the constant stress of running late to patients who say they “just want a cleaning.”

Here’s a look at what some of your hygiene colleagues had to say about what they find most bothersome about their dental hygiene days.

Kari C.: When someone tells me it’s “just a prophy” or just a child…because it’s never just anything.

Alicia A.: Keeping advanced perio cases in-office, “hoping” things will “tighten up,” SRP after SRP.

Deb A.: That in our job we are not considered equal to other health-care professionals when it comes to making a leap to other areas of health care. I'm exhausted being one of the only dental hygienists working in other areas of health care administration.

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Tasha C.: Running late because the schedule was wrong or a patient was late. I try so hard to be punctual.

Erin H.: There will always be the ongoing battle to get patients to take responsibility for their oral health. Their oral health outcomes are not my responsibility. They are the one driving the outcomes. I can scale till the cows come home but if they don’t do their homework every day, what I do doesn’t matter. I struggle when a patient places blame on me for their bleeding gum tissues during treatment.

Stacey S.: Explaining periodontal probing in a way that doesn't terrify my patients. They sometimes think if they have a 4 or 5 mm pocket that they're going to lose their teeth. It takes a lot of discussion and explanation.

Louise S.: Patients not scheduling for their recommended dental treatment, then calling when they have a toothache and need to get in ASAP on a Friday!

Candy M.: People who can’t swallow their own spit and who can’t lie back in the dental chair. How do they sleep is what I always want to ask.

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