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Nominate yourself or a colleague for RDH Clinical Recognition Program sponsored by Waterpik

Feb. 5, 2024
RDH magazine and Waterpik are pleased to announce the rebranding of the PIRA program as the RDH Clinical Recognition Program. Learn more, and nominate a deserving clinical hygienist today!

RDH magazine and Waterpik are pleased to announce the rebranding of the PIRA program as the RDH Clinical Recognition Program. Celebrating clinicians is the central goal of this program, and we believe that this new name will provide greater clarity to the program and potential candidates. We’ve done a refresh of the application process to better allow applicants to highlight their love of clinical practice and patient successes. We are also adding a social media component so winners will be able to share this tribute with friends, family, and colleagues.

What isn’t changing is that this program is all about recognizing practicing clinicians and the commitment you make every day to help patients improve their oral health. Dental hygienists are at the center of both patient and practice success. We realize this is often overlooked or undervalued. The desire to be acknowledged and appreciated for what we do is a fundamental human need. Being recognized for exemplary service and accomplishments has been shown to drive loyalty, enjoyment, and engagement with our work. In today’s world, where dental hygiene is often viewed as transactional rather than a valuable resource, we want to help close that gap by honoring and praising you. This program offers the opportunity to do just that.

Know a deserving dental hygienist? Nominate them today

Whether you’ve been practicing for five years or 45 years, apply. If you are worried you do not have the right stuff to win, apply anyway—you might be surprised. If you previously applied and weren’t selected, apply again. The application process might take a little longer than in the past, but it will provide you with a better platform to highlight your strengths and successes.

Clinicians are the heart and soul of dental hygiene. The stronger we are as individuals, the stronger we are together. When we share our successes, it is not boasting; it is strengthening our profession. Our stories of success can motivate and empower one another. This can have an incredible “trickle-down effect”: when you inspire one, and then they inspire one, and so on, the overall lift can be astounding.

At Waterpik, we know how wonderful you are! It is a key reason we are proud to partner with RDH magazine and Endeavor Business Media on this program. We look forward to hearing about your love for our professional, your patients, and all the amazing work you’re doing.

About the Author

Carol Jahn, MS, RDH

Carol Jahn, MS, RDH, is the director of professional relations and education for Water Pik, Inc. She may be reached at [email protected].