The trend toward natural products

April 1, 2013
Recently, I was in an office in Texas, and the entire clinical team expressed an interest in all natural, alcohol-free products.


Recently, I was in an office in Texas, and the entire clinical team expressed an interest in all natural, alcohol-free products. I know there is a trend for many consumers toward natural or organic products so I wasn't surprised. I'm sure you have patients asking you for natural product recommendations on a regular basis. The next time you're asked, consider Tooth & Gums products.

Dental Herb Company

Founded in 1996 by Dr. Schechter, the Dental Herb Company makes the Tooth & Gums professional strength products in the White
Mountains of Northern New Hampshire. This family owned company believes their products should be alcohol and chemical free, non-drying, and non-staining. To that end, Dr. Schechter tested hundreds of botanical substances known for their antimicrobial and healing properties. As a result, all of their products are made with Truly Natural ingredients from organically grown herbs. Because they are not synthesized or diluted, they have greater potency and a longer lasting antimicrobial effect.

According to the manufacturers and supported by the research, "… the extraordinary effectiveness of Dental Herb Company products is due to the unique way in which they are formulated. Precisely calculated proportions of pure essential oils work synergistically with alcohol-free extracts of organically grown herbs to reduce oral bacteria and maintain healthy teeth and gums."

You can read the research on their website (www.dentalherb.com), but essentially here's how the products work:

  • Reduce oral bacteria through the use of pure full strength essential oils
  • Rebuild connective tissue with gotu kola and echinacea shown to enhance development of connective tissue
  • Condition gum tissue with pure essential oil of lavender and natural vegetable glycerine for soothing and healing

So that you can try it for yourself, I want to tell you about the 60-day challenge. Select up to six patients, provide a comprehensive perio exam for all team members, or ask anyone who has gingivitis and/or 4mm and bleeding to participate. The kits retail for $40, but for the challenge they are only $15 with free shipping to the office. Use the products (Tonic & Paste) as directed for 60 days and reevaluate with another perio exam. Contact www.dentalherb.com or 800-747-4372 to sign up for the challenge.

In addition to the tonic and paste, the Dental Herb Company also offers Under the Gums Irrigant and Tooth & Gums Spritz. Both products contain pure essential oils and organic herbal extract in antimicrobial concentrations. Ingredients such as echinacea, red thyme, and cinnamon bark penetrate the mucous membrane for better substantivity. Visit their website for a complete list of ingredients found in the products listed below:

  • Under the Gums Irrigant — Use ½ tsp in 7 oz of water in oral irrigator
  • Tooth & Gums Spritz — professional strength breath spray
  • The Tooth & Gums Tonic — daily as a mouth rinse, or applied with an interdental brush/applicator
  • The Tooth and Gums Paste is highly concentrated and thick. It's designed to be used twice daily in a small amount

I have been using the paste and tonic and I'm really impressed with the quality and the effectiveness of the products. Take the 60 day challenge and let me know your results. Email me at [email protected]. RDH

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