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RCC influencer of the month: Claire Jeong, MS, RDH

July 1, 2020
RDH Community Connections (RCC) is a way to connect with the new and exciting things happening at RDH. Follow our RCC influencers on social media for the latest updates. Let's meet one of them now!

Why did you begin a career in dental hygiene education?

Student: “I’m going to fail my national dental hygiene boards.” Claire: “Don’t panic. You are freaking knowledgeable! And I am here to help.” This is what StudentRDH Dental Hygiene Boards Review is about. StudentRDH was founded about six years ago to help students prepare efficiently for the board exams. StudentRDH is different because we use methods in neuroscience, psychology, and memory training. The results are fantastic, and have helped tens of thousands of students succeed!

Before I fell for dentistry, I worked as a curator in the arts, education specialist in nonprofits, and brain coach. Those experiences happened around the globe: I was born in Korea, grew up in France, studied in the United States, and worked in Canada. I’m constantly melding all those components to grow StudentRDH and other brands I have created (SmarterDA, DentalToaster, WakeUpMemory). The foundation is education but with a mix of “how to use the brain” and an artistic pursuit because education is a form of expression. This led me to speaking at national conferences, writing, and receiving awards. I live through the success of our young minds and this fills my heart every day.

What is your goal?

My overall purpose for this work is even bigger. We are experiencing “information obesity.” We are overloaded. Even at the supermarket, we are overwhelmed: you can find six times more items today compared to 40 years ago.

With WakeUpMemory, you learn how to feel confident and get your brain powers back (because you already have powers). Too much junk equals health problems, right? Similarly, too much information equals brain problems. We need a “healthy brain diet.” Your brain is you—your personality, your mood, your efficiency. Empowering your brain is empowering yourself.

I once heard about the different between passion and purpose. Passion is about you—what makes your heart smile. Purpose is about others—what you can do for others. The journey is challenging, but I always think, I am extremely fortunate to have found passion and purpose.   

About the Author

Claire Jeong, MS, RDH

Claire Jeong, MS, RDH, is an entrepreneur, author, educator, researcher, and speaker. She is the founder of StudentRDH/SmarterDA exam prep solutions. She created DentalToaster, an online CE platform for dental professionals. She is the 2019 Ontario Memory Champion. She authored the e-book WakeUp Memory, which teaches how to use the brain and remember anything. Jeong is regularly invited to podcasts and conferences as a key opinion leader. Jeong provides guidance to companies to reach the young generation of dental professionals. Contact her at [email protected].