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RDH Cover Spotlight

Dec. 1, 2011
One photograph of Kristy Menage Bernie during the photo shoot for this month’s cover displayed her wearing the badges ...

One photograph of Kristy Menage Bernie during the photo shoot for this month’s cover displayed her wearing the badges from a large number of previously held dental conventions. As a lifelong advocate for dental hygiene, she attends many meetings each year. But at the RDH Under Roof (UOR) conference, for example, she is often found in these body positions, since she frequently conducts a seminar titled, “Advancing the Art and Science of the Profession Through Yoga.”

Kristy has been a certified yoga instructor since 2004. “At the start of all seminars we do a little yoga, and I now offer practice sessions at conventions and meetings, along with Yoganomics,” she explained. “The goal is to assist dental professionals in preserving their postural health as well as mental and emotional health. I want to give them something outside of traditional exercise and open their possibilities to something that works!”

She is the owner of Educational Designs, a northern California company launched in 1991. Her mission statement about the company states that it offers “consulting services utilizing dental hygiene talent and focused on raising awareness of research surrounding new technology and methods to achieve optimal oral health.”

“My best advice is to stay connected through professional membership, network, attend UOR, etc., in order to become a professional who is best equipped and able to be the contrast gainer within our profession — the most desired type of dental hygienist for any setting. Bringing the latest knowledge into the practice and implementing change will go a long way in weathering the current economic storm, so to speak. Most importantly, be flexible — my yoga again — and embrace change!”

Cover photography by Rick Dahms

Kristy Menage Bernie, RDH, BS, RYT
San Ramon, California

Dental hygiene school: Bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene from the University of Maryland in 1984

Professional distinction: Throughout her career, she has been very involved with dental hygiene associations in Maryland and California, as well as on the national level, earning the ADHA Distinguished Service Award in 2005

Spare time: Reading, writing, music, reality television, and her cats

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