What's new in products

March 25, 2005
Here are some updates about products introduced at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, as well as other recent developments.

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Have you ever shopped all three days at a your favorite stores' "3-Day Sale Extravaganza" and still felt like you wanted more? Well, that's how many of us feel when we visit a dental convention hall. To keep you in the know, below are a few of the many new products and ideas I discovered at the 140th MIDWINTER Meeting last month in Chicago. Look for more updates in the "Update on Marketplace" article in the May issue of RDH magazine.

Love to enjoy a cold drink after a long-hard day at the office -- love to but can't? How many of your patients complain of sensitivity? As clinicians, we are searching for evidence-based ways to understand the complex etiology of sensitivity so we can continue to introduce new solutions to our patients. Introducing SootheRx™, the first FDA cleared at home prescription therapy indicated for both the rapid and continual relief of dentinal hypersensitivity. SootheRx utilizes (calcium sodium phosphosilicate) click on www.omniipharma.com.

Be on the look out for a NovaMin® a patented ingredient that is clinically proven to reverse the negative effects of time and age on teeth, as well as reduce gingivitis and decay by employing the rebuilding minerals nature intended. is the only man-made material known to directly lead to the formation of essential hydroxyapatite crystals, the building blocks of strong and healthy teeth. Based on the companies website- the odorless, colorless, tasteless and 100% biocompatible nature of NovaMin® makes it an ideal and essential ingredient for virtually any oral care product designed to promote revitalization, remineralization and strengthening of teeth, as well as extraordinary desensitization and impressive whitening effects. Look for NovaMin® as the active ingredient in Oravive™ toothpaste, SoothRx™ from OMNII Pharmaceuticals, and in Sunstar Butler's, NuCare Root Conditioner (www.sunstarbutler.com). Click on www.novamin.com.

This category has two sub-categories: light activated and non-light activated whitening. The active ingredients used for both of these in-office procedures can be either hydrogen peroxide (most common) or carbamide peroxide. The believers and non-believers in this category come back to the question of the validity of a light system and its effect on the long-term whitening outcome. The question often raised is whether or not the in-office whitening products ("power whiteners") have an initiator or catalysts that will react with the light system and increase the whitening capabilities. Introducing �GC TiON™. According to the company, it incorporates titanium dioxide photocatalyst formulation. Light activates the GC TiON photocatalyst maximizing the whitening effect of the hydrogen peroxide. Click on- www.gcamerica.com.

Have you ever heard from a parent, "How do I know if the fluoride you are recommending will actually work?" Or, "Well, you probably can't tell, but I have not filled that prescription for chlorihexidine, yet. What's changed since I was here last?" In the past, my answer would be supported by a clinical and or radiographic examination � or my crystal ball. Introducing Inspektor™ Pro, the pre-invasive caries diagnostic imaging system. During a hands-on demonstration, OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals states that the Inspektor Pro System utilizes quantitative light-induced fluorescence (QLF) imaging. Since we know that caries does not magically appear nor disappear, Inspektor Pro allows you to scan and rescan the same area so we can detect, analyze, and track the size and depth of early lesions. Want to know if your remineralization therapies are working, click on- www.omniipharma.com.

With the very successful launch of ARESTIN®, OraPharma states that they are the current market leader for locally applied antibiotics as well as the adjunct treatment of choice along with SRP for the treatment of adult periodontitis. And in case you have been sleeping over the past few months, they have also formed a successful partnership with Dentsply Pharma and launched Oraqix™ (lidocaine and prilocaine gel) 2.5%, a new sub-gingival local anesthetic periodontal gel, plus the addition of ULTRACET® (37.5 mg tramadol hydrochloride/325.mg acetaminophen tablets) an oral analgesic combination of acetaminophen and tramadol. To learn about OraPharma's continual commitment to introducing new products click on www.arestin.com, www.oraqix.com, and or www.ultracet.com