Top 10 Superstar Smiles

June 24, 2005
Find out who MAC Veneers and Dr Michael Apa revealed as the Top 10 superstar Smiles. Do you agree? Email us your favorites.

Micro Advanced Cosmetics (MAC) Veneers, a division of MicroDental Laboratories announced the "Top 10 Superstar Smiles" from the 2005 MTV Movie Awards, which aired this month. Selected by Michael Apa, DDS, partner in the Rosenthal Group (noted for its long list of celebrity patients), the 10 winning celebrities had the most esthetic and image-enhancing smiles.

Dr. Apa assessed each smile on several factors, including the shape, color, and size of their teeth, as well as the overall appearance. Dr. Apa's picks for the MAC Veneers Top 10 Superstar Smiles are:

#10 Nicole Kidman — Nicole's teeth have a nice, natural shape, making her more approachable.

#9 Paul Walker — His teeth complement his chiseled features and enhance his All-American looks.

#8 Lacey Chabert — Lacey's teeth are bright and long, fitting her face and projecting a young and energetic persona.

#7 Lindsay Lohan — Younger people have whiter teeth, and you can see great natural color in Lindsay's dazzling smile

#6 Mariah Carey — Mariah's smile exemplifies how tooth shape affects overall face shape. Her long, square-shaped teeth flatter her face.

#5 Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson — As an action hero and former wrestler, his aggressive teeth are in character, and his smile is among the brightest in Hollywood.

#4 Rachel McAdams — Rachel has beautifully rounded and innocent-looking teeth fitting her sweet personality.

#3 Jessica Simpson — Her megawatt smile is bright white and exudes youthful glamour, making her America's sweetheart.

#2 Jennifer Connelly — Jennifer's fair complexion would pale in comparison to all but the brightest teeth. Instead, the translucent, even-colored white of her smile glows with a natural light.

#1 Jessica Alba — She has beautiful, symmetrical teeth that really flatter her face, and the color is a natural white complimenting her honey-toned skin.

Dr. Michael Apa, along with partner Dr. Larry Rosenthal, is one of the industry's top cosmetic dentists. The Rosenthal Group's expert technique can be seen in the million-dollar smiles of celebrities that include Chloe Sevigny, Bridget Hall, Natasha Richardson, Vera Wang, and Donald Trump. Dr. Apa will be featured in the debut issue of Men's VOGUE.

Let's put together a RDH eVillage Top Ten Superstar Smile list. Email your choices to Kristine A. Hodsdon, RDH, at [email protected]

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