RDH Quik Chat: Nicole Giesey, MSTPE, RDH

June 3, 2020
If you'd like to make a career transition, drive is just as—if not more—important than having the right background and education, as Nicole Giesey has found through her many years of experience in dental hygiene.

Nicole Giesey, MSTPE, RDH, has done almost everything in dental hygiene—from full-time clinical, to teaching, to writing, to volunteering with her local component, to working for product companies. Currently, she is a territory manager for KaVo Kerr, which makes many infection control products that have become vital to the practice of hygiene during the coronavirus pandemic. If you wonder what it is like to work through many different career transitions, don't miss this insightful chat between Giesey and Chief Editor Jackie Sanders.

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