Pain on the job: How bad is it?

Sept. 15, 2022
Poor ergonomics can cut short your career and cause debilitating health issues. But many common issues have relatively easy solutions that can significantly improve your level of pain, and your life.

Hygienists know that pain comes with the territory—and if they didn’t start out knowing, most realize it quickly. But did you know that almost 100% of hygienists report pain on the job?

Ergonomics—it’s the science of fitting the work environment (for dental professionals, the operatory and patient) to the worker's needs. It’s about recognizing and respecting your body’s capabilities and limitations and designing the work environment to support those limitations. Practicing proper ergonomics can increase productivity, decrease pain, and lengthen one's career—and make your life in and out of the operatory more enjoyable.

Read on for some of our most compelling ergonomics content on what you might be doing wrong, and ways you can fix it.

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