Life’s leprechaun magic

March 1, 2012
This little anecdote will be in honor of St. Paddy’s Day, my favorite! May your roads rise up to meet you this 2012.

This little anecdote will be in honor of St. Paddy’s Day, my favorite! May your roads rise up to meet you this 2012.

Yesterday, I spent the last of a warm patch of wintertime cleaning out my basement. In doing so, I came across a box of “stuff” from eight years ago. Understand that the basement I was cleaning is in a house that came into my life via Miracle Express. Without going into detail, I was looking at homelessness during the wind-down of a difficult divorce a decade prior.

During that period, I had stumbled across the book “Write it Down, Make it Happen” by Henriette Klauser. Henriette’s premise is a simple one; if there is a goal we are trying to achieve, write it down. In doing so, we create a contract with our subconscious minds. While we may have no idea how to get there, guidance will be provided. Having nothing to lose at that time, I wrote a detailed two pages of what my ideal house would be, where it would be located, how to afford it, etc.

The bottom line is that the house presented itself to me 18 months later. It became the home in which I live today. Uncannily, all of it matches the description I had written down. This is one of the miracles in my life, and I share this story with anyone who will listen. My reason for doing so is to encourage those listening to write down what they intend to achieve. I don’t know how or why this works, but it does. More importantly, you need the belief system that accompanies it!

For those who wish to achieve change, perhaps this can be a tool to assist you in getting there. Klauser wrote that we only need to write out our goal once; but we need to declare intent as we do so — with a timeline and a signature.

For example, let’s say you desire a new job. Your goal might state: “I intend to find and begin work in the dental office described below by the end of May, 2013.” Your detailed description follows. Sign it and put it away, as you have created your contract. Do not be daunted if the timeline you have set passes (an occasional frustration for goal writers). Patience please, and keep the faith in the aforementioned belief system.

Maybe there is something within your current office protocols or policy that you would like to see changed, or office conditions that need to be made more workable. Understand that you cannot set a goal for another person. It would be inappropriate to write: “My employer is going to become a more generous human being.” (After all, that’s his or her choice, isn’t it?)

Let me get back to the cleaning of the basement. What I came across in that box of stuff was an informal picture board I had created in 2003. On it was a sketch of me in conversation with Mark Hartley, editor of RDH Magazine. I literally had taped pictures of our respective heads facing each other on stick figures. The bubble with text that was coming out of Mark’s mouth stated, “Good job on writing that article, Eileen. Would you like to write regularly for RDH magazine?” My enthusiastic bubble text response was, “Absolutely!”

Apparently, I had set no timeline; I simply created the picture board. Could this be why it took longer to manifest? Early in 2011, I set a written goal declaring my intent to become a columnist, and here I am. Lesson learned: picture board with written goal to include timeline and signature equals manifestation. Readers, release your leprechaun magic!

I believe that it is possible for each of us to achieve whatever our hearts desire. It is a premise by which I live life daily. Skeptic and cynics need not apply, as belief is imperative.

Onward we go; it’s in our hearts’ core.

Eileen Morrissey, RDH, MS, is a practicing clinician, speaker, and writer. She is an adjunct dental hygiene faculty member at Burlington County College. Eileen offers CE forums to doctors, hygienists, and their teams. Reach her at [email protected] or 609-259- 8008. Visit her website at

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