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Product Report

Feb. 1, 2008

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KaVo GENTLEray® 980 soft-tissue diode laser

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This soft-tissue laser is the easiest to integrate into your practice. Now available in two versions, it delivers excellent clinical results and outstanding ease of use with the proven handpiece design. The 980nm wavelength provides the best combination of clean cutting and excellent hemostasis in a wide range of soft-tissue indications.

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Premier’s NV1 and NV2 expand available handle designs

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Premier is making available two popular hygiene instruments – NV1 and NV2 – on a choice of three ergonomic handles: Big Easy, Big Easy Ultralite, and Light Touch. The NV1 anterior scaler and NV2 posterior scaler are becoming increasingly popular among hygienists thanks to their versatility, access, and comfort. Order through your dental dealer.

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VIOlight™ Dental Spa – the satisfaction of clean

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The compact Dental Spa uses sonic and ultra-violet (UV) germicidal technology to clean and sanitize mouthguards, retainers, whitening trays, invisible braces, and dentures, to destroy up to 99.9 percent of bacteria. For home or travel, the battery-operated device features a five-minute cycle, auto shut-off, and uses plain water; no powders or chemicals are needed.

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New gauge and latex-free components

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Accutron redesigns its in-line scavenging circuit gauge, which replaces the metered ball with analog dial. This makes it easier to adjust exhaust ventilation of N2O airflow rate at the ADA and NIOSH recommended standard of 45 lpm. The scavenger fits all other brands of N2O flowmeter equipment. Accutron’s scavenging circuit, rubber goods, and nasal hoods are 100 percent latex-free. Complimentary samples are available upon request.

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