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Product Report

Aug. 1, 2002
CaviCide surface disinfectant and decontaminant cleaner is now effective against both hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and tuberculosis (TB).

Metrex announces new benefits of CaviCide

CaviCide surface disinfectant and decontaminant cleaner is now effective against both hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and tuberculosis (TB).

CaviCide is a 3-in-1 product - cleaner, decontaminant, and disinfectant. It has a fast kill time - effective against HBV in three minutes. It is bactericidal (including MRSA and VRE), fungicidal, and virucidal (including HIV-1 and herpes simplex virus Types 1 and 2) in three minutes and tuberculocidal in 10 minutes. CaviCide is an all-purpose cleaning and disinfection product that is perfect for any critical-care area.

CaviCide is safe to use on all non-porous surfaces and fixtures including plastics, stainless steel, chrome, glass, Plexiglas®, and painted surfaces. Available in six convenient sizes - 2-oz. spray, 8-oz. spray, 24-oz. spray, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallons, and 55 gallons.

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For more information, call (800) 841-1428, visit, or email at [email protected] for a brochure.

New perio chip placement pliers

The non-serrated Crystalmark-Poore perio chip placement pliers provide proper angles for chip placement, notably on posterior mesials and distals, while holding it in a closed resting position until released.

The "S" pliers are angled the same as standard cotton pliers while the "A" pliers are altered 90 degrees for easy posterior mesial and distal access. Both pliers require gentle pressure for release.

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For more information, call (800) 950-2206.

Oxyfresh offers wholesale buying privileges

Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc. is pleased to introduce its new Preferred Professionals Program. This non-MLM program is designed for dental offices that wish to take advantage of wholesale buying privileges, without any initial or renewal fees, minimum purchases, or buying commitments. Clinical training and support is provided by practicing dentists and hygienists, who will show you how to customize an alcohol-free homecare regimen for any patient.

Patients may purchase Oxyfresh through your practice, our toll-free number (800) 333-7374, or Web site: Oxyfresh will automatically collect the applicable sales tax for you.

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Oxyfresh offers three turnkey start-up packages which include training/marketing aids and free product. For a free clinical information package and information on the new Preferred Professionals Program, call (800) 333-7374.

Clean-air device kills bacteria and deodorizes

The WeinRegistered Sani-Mate™ AS250B air sterilizer and deodorizer uses highly advanced corona-discharge technology developed to combat human disease microorganisms.

Contaminated air is drawn into the corona-discharge chamber and bombarded with ionized streams of electrons that destroy the pollutant molecules. At the same time, ozone produced in the corona deodorizes any residual offensive gases in the outgoing pure-air stream.

Electron-impact decomposition of pollutants has been studied extensively at the UCLA School of Microbiology as well as by many other leading scientific laboratories in the United States and Japan (transcripts are available). Studies have shown that more than 90 percent of airborne bacteria are controlled by this advanced technology.

The Sani-Mate features easy installation - just plug it in; very compact and lightweight - just 3 ounces; economical - just pennies per week; no chemicals used or produced; zero maintenance; one-year warranty; UL listed.

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To order, call your dental dealer. For more product information, call mac, inc., at (310) 328-6608.

High-quality imaging at an affordable price

Video Dental Concepts is proud to introduce a unique concept to dental imaging technology: quality and affordability.

OraCam is a "pen-type" intraoral camera that is so easy to use, you can give it to your patients to use on themselves. The compact, elegant, and ergonomically designed handpiece offers high-quality images with natural colors and onboard memory for storing images. An automatic on/off feature is built into the OraCam cradle and is activated by simply removing the handpiece from its holder.

OraCam offers a two-step thumb slide, which is located on the camera handpiece, to adjust the focal length for both full-face and posterior molar views.

The motion stabilizer can actually make an average picture look great. OraCam's anti-fog lens is illuminated by four superior white-light, high-luminance LEDs.

At just $2,995, OraCam is the best value in the industry! You can buy two OraCams for the price you'd pay for one of the others. An optional wireless transmitter and receiver package makes the camera completely portable for $195.

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To place an order or find out more, call (800) 323-2690, email at [email protected], or visit

New Oralwave™ 222 power toothbrush

Oralwave LLC is introducing Oralwave™ 222, a battery-powered brush with two counter-oscillating heads. Stylish and contemporary, this unit has all of the attributes of the more expensive power brushes, plus the unique features of two counter-oscillating brush heads and a two-minute timer.

Two moving heads are better than one, providing double the cleaning power of any single-headed toothbrush. Two heads cover twice the surface area of a single brush for increased gum massage, removal of plaque, and cleaner teeth. In addition, the Oralwave 222 is the first and only low-priced power toothbrush with a built-in two-minute timer - the brushing time recommended by dental professionals. The unique "Try me" feature allows customers to test the power action of the unit by squeezing its clear-view package.

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The suggested retail price of the Oralwave 222 is $5.99 including two replaceable "AA" alkaline batteries. A set of two replaceable brush heads has a suggested retail price of $5.99. Oralwave 222 will be available at grocery, drug, and mass retailers nationwide in late summer/fall.

Disposable nasal hoods with relaxing scents

Look for PIP+™ Disposable Nasal Hoods in a new environmentally friendly package! The single-use hoods are designed to increase patient acceptance of nitrous oxide usage during dental procedures. By redirecting patients' attention, the vivid colors and pleasant scents of the nasal hoods enable them to relax throughout their dental appointments.

Solidly constructed and latex-free, Personal Inhaler Plus™ nasal hoods allow the clinician to perform extensive procedures without concern for allergic reaction or hood degradation. The single-use feature reduces the risk of cross-contamination and saves the time normally required to clean and autoclave reusable nasal hoods.

Adaptors are readily available from Accutron, so the product can be used in conjunction with any brand of scavenging system. Offered in packages of 24, the brightly colored and lightly scented hoods come in multiple sizes. Also available in unscented gray.

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For more information, call (800) 531-2221 or visit

Special needs met with 2% Neutral Fluoride

Denti-Care 2% in-office Neutral Fluoride Gel provides a safe and compatible method of applying fluoride treatments for patients with esthetic restorations. Denti-Care 2% Neutral Gel is formulated to protect restorations for all patients, especially adults with special needs.

The gel is indicated for root caries, orthodontics, recurrent decay, reduced salivary flow, crown and bridge, or other types of restorative materials.

Patients may choose Denti-Care's fresh-tasting flavors of Mint (10023-M) or Strawberry (10023-ST). Denti-Care Fluoride Gel is packaged in a convenient 16.2 oz (480 ml) bottle.

Compare and save! A special "buy one, get one free" offer is available. The suggested retail cost per bottle is $16 (net cost for special offer is $8 per bottle).

Medicom, Inc.Registered developed the product which is available through all dental distributors. Please contact your local dealer to place your order.

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For product information, call (800) 361-2862 or visit

Gelclair™ offers hours of relief from oral pain

Gelclair™ concentrated oral gel is an FDA-approved medical device for the management and relief of pain caused by various etiologies including oral mucositis, oral ulcers, traumatic lesions, disease, and irritation resulting from oral surgery or chemotherapy.

Gelclair is a bioadherent oral gel that adheres to oral mucosa where it creates a protective film barrier. This barrier is designed to shield exposed or hypersensitized nerve endings from overstimulation, thus reducing pain whatever its cause.

Results of clinical studies have shown Gelclair to be safe and effective for controlling oral pain, enabling patients to eat and drink more easily. In one study, 100 percent of patients experienced a substantial reduction in pain five to seven hours after initial treatment of Gelclair, reducing pain 92 percent from baseline. In addition, there are no adverse effects, and patients reported that the taste, smell, and texture were acceptable. Patients also reported that the single-use packages were easy and convenient to use. One box contains 21 single-dose packets.

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Look for Gelclair to be available to the dental market this fall. For more information, visit

Powerzyme enzymatic instrument cleaner

Powerzyme is a high-level enzymatic instrument cleaner designed to attack proteins from blood, saliva, tissue, etc., at the molecular level and break them apart.

Powerzyme is highly effective at cleaning bioburden and debris in crevices, joints, and the inner lumens of instruments, tubings, and sleeves. It helps eliminate the need for hand-scrubbing instruments, thus reducing the health-care professional's risk of pathogen exposure.

One gallon of Powerzyme super concentrate makes 128 gallons of cleaning solution. Powerzyme is available through your dental dealer.

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For more product information or free samples of Powerzyme, call (800) 213-8731.

Hu-Friedy announces periodontal promotion

Hu-Friedy announces the "Take Charge" promotion which runs from August 1 through November 30.

The Take Charge promotion is available through all authorized Hu-Friedy dealers. Products in this promotion are: Hu-Friedy scalers, curettes, ultrasonic inserts, explorers, probes, expros, dressing pliers, mirrors, and mirror handles.

Two new products also are included in the promotion. The NEVI #1/H5 sickle scaler pairs an elongated-disk end for anterior lingual stain and calculus removal with an H5 sickle. This scaler is available in three large-diameter handles. The Satin Swivel™ ultrasonic insert minimizes the drag from the handpiece cord with its exclusive swivel feature, allowing you to simply roll the instrument slightly in your fingertips as you would a hand instrument. Satin Swivel is available in three different tip designs.

Promotion details are as follows:

  • Buy 12 scalers/curettes, get one free
  • Buy 24 scalers/curettes, get four free
  • Buy four ultrasonic inserts, get one free
  • Buy six diagnostic instruments, get one free

    Bonus offer: Buy offers 2, 3, and 4 - get a $50 MasterCard Gift Card in addition to your free goods.

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    For complete details on this promotion, please contact your authorized Hu-Friedy dealer or call (800) 483-7433.

    RDH recognition lapel pins

    Preventech has commissioned an artist to design a custom lapel pin to recognize and honor the significant contribution that dental hygienists have made to preventive dentistry and patient education.

    The one-inch diameter, 18-k gold-plated pin is inscribed with "Registered Dental Hygienist" and "RDH," and features a vivid butterfly insignia with "2002."

    The RDH recognition lapel pins are available free with an order of any Preventech product placed between July 1 through December 31.

    Preventech is the maker of Pivot® disposable prophy angle, esa™ disposable prophy angles, and Next® prophy paste, three of the fastest-growing brands in their respective preventive product categories.

    To request your recognition pin, simply send a copy of your dental dealer invoice to Preventech, 1150 Crews Road, Suite H, Matthews, NC, 28105 or fax to (704) 849-2417.

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    Preventech also is offering a Dental Assistant lapel pin under the same terms for both Certified Dental Assistants and Registered Dental Assistants. For additional information or to view the specific pin designs, please visit

    Orascoptic's "Guide to Purchasing Loupes"

    Orascoptic, the market leader with innovative Flip-Up and Through-The-Lens (TTL) telescopes, has introduced a new technical brochure, "A professional's guide to purchasing loupes," that explains why Superior Visualization™ is the standard by which dental professionals should choose loupes. The brochure covers the five major features that professionals should use to qualify loupes: resolution, field width, field depth, weight, and magnifying power.

    Superior Visualization is a concept that directs professionals to focus on the practical reason for choosing loupes - superior resolution across the entire field width, not just the magnifying power. The brochure notes that it is possible to experience poor visualization from substandard resolution even with higher powers of magnification. It further states that the best loupes capitalize on the synergy of resolution and field width.

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    According to the new brochure on Superior Visualization, Orascoptic's patented technology combined with lightweight frames delivers superior and comfortable visualization that will improve patient quality of care and practice productivity. For a demonstration by a local rep or for more information, call (800) 369-3698 or (608) 831-2555.

    New VibraJect reduces injection pain

    VibraJect, LLC, announces VibraJect, an analgesic syringe clip for dental injections. Patented and designed by oral surgeon Dr. Norman Pokras, VibraJect reduces pain associated with injections - especially palatal, mandibular block, intraligamentary, and those above the front teeth.

    VibraJect is a small, easy-to-use attachment that snaps onto conventional dental syringes and vibrates the needle at high frequency. It does not require new injection techniques. The product requires two 1.5 volt batteries and can be turned on and off with a twist of the motor. There are no disposable accessories and no topical is needed, so injections can be administered more quickly.

    VibraJect is based on the Gate Control Theory of Nerve Function which suggests that nerve endings sense vibrations first and then cannot transmit feelings of pain.

    VibraJect is $199 which includes one motor cartridge, three autoclavable clips, and four replacement batteries.

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    For more information, call (800) 574-7544 or visit

    Temrex's Star White gets high approval

    Star White, Temrex's at-home bleaching system, won a 92 percent, or four-and-a-half star, recommendation from The Dental Advisor, stating that "Star White is a highly recommended home bleaching system."

    Star White is a 16 percent carbamide peroxide gel, dispensed only through dental offices. The whitening ensemble contains eight 3g syringes of bleach, tray material, a tray storage case, patient instructions, and an interactive patient compliance program. The compliance program, designed to motivate patients to use the gel daily, and the inclusion of two shade guides - one for the dentist's records, one for the patient - were "positively received by both consultants and patients."

    Star White also is available in a 10 percent carbamide peroxide concentration for those with high sensitivity.

    Seventy-five percent of the consultants stated that Star White is the same as or better than the home bleaching system they were currently using and would purchase and recommend it.

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    For more product information, please call (800) 645-1226 or visit

    New posters give the team needed tools

    Office Magic's new posters, "21 Ways to Get Paid Now!" and "21 Ways to be a Service Superstar!" pump up the volume around your office. They give you and your team specific advice - and a daily reminder - of exactly what to do and say for better results with your patients.

    These eye-catching, laminated posters instill powerful words, phrases, and techniques that any team member can learn at a glance. They get everyone involved in providing exceptional service and maintaining a 100 percent collection rate.

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    The posters are just $29 each or $45 for both for a limited time, and are backed by Office Magic's famous one-year, money-back guarantee. Order securely at, or call (800) 750-8779.

    Flow Pan Aways disposable bite blocks

    Whatever brand of panoramic X-ray machine you use, there's a Pan Aways disposable bite block to fit your machine.

    Pan Aways are individually wrapped, single-use bite blocks that are made to fit your panoramic X-ray machine, provided that you specify the make and model when ordering.

    By using Pan Aways, you can assure your patients that they are not at risk for cross-contamination. Pan Aways also help your patients maintain a firm, still bite so your panoramic films come out smooth and sharp every time.

    Pan Aways are sold in the quantity of 100 individually wrapped pieces to a box, and are economically priced. They are available through your local dental dealer.

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    For more information, call (800) 356-9729 or visit

    New improved Green Team panoramic film

    Flow's Green Team panoramic film has been improved to provide even sharper images. The spectral sensitivity of the film has been enhanced by using a wider-area silver halide crystal formulation.

    When used with green-emitting, rare-earth intensifying screens, Green Team film will yield crisp, sharp images.

    Green Team is available in both 5" x 12" and 6" x 12" sizes, and comes in packages of 50 films each.

    It is economically priced, as much as 40 percent less expensive than leading brands. Green Team film is available through your local dental dealer.

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    For more information, call (800) 356-9729 or visit

    One place for all your imaging needs

    VideoDentalSupply, a division of VideoDentalConcepts, is now offering a complete line of imaging sundries including film packs for intra-oral camera printing, camera bulbs, and disposable handpiece sheaths.

    We carry supplies for all brands, such as Accucam, Insight, Telicam, Vipercam, QuickCam, Reveal, MiniCam, Perspective, and 12 other models.

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    VideoDentalConcepts is a 13-year-old company, specializing in dental imaging. It has direct accounts with Banta, Sony, Hitachi, Kodak, Welsh Allyn, and dozens of other providers. Online ordering is available through

    Tooth Fairy envelopes from DDS Front Office

    Are you looking for an innovative way to market your practice? New from DDS Front Office is our exclusive Tooth Fairy envelope. Constructed of the highest-quality materials, this handy and attractive envelope is used to store a child's lost tooth and can be easily added to photo albums or memory books.

    Give them to patients with young children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or at any school program you undertake. The front of the envelope can be tastefully customized with your name and telephone number. Make a lasting impression with this gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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    For more information or to order, call Karmin Meade at (800) 897-0566 or visit

    "Tooth Dudes" trading cards

    Education and fun all in one entertaining gift for your young patients - what could be better? Exclusively from DDS Front Office, the Tooth Dudes trading cards are an educational alternative to ordinary coloring sheets.

    The front features five villains: D. Cay, Ginger Vitis, Hal I. Tosis, Plaque, and Ms. Sweet plus three heroes: Brush, Tube, and Strand. All eight are ready for an artist's touch!

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    The reverse features kid-friendly explanations of the villains and how the heroes can save the day. Written by a hygienist, these cards are sure to be both fun and educational.

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    For more information or to order, call Karmin Meade at (800) 897-0566 or visit

    Professional athletic mouthguards

    Proform has assembled a marketing kit for the dental office to use in the promotion of professionally made athletic mouthguards. The complete kit contains: a promotional video, a poster, patient-education brochures, and laminated mouthguards to be made into demonstration appliances. The kit also includes studies supporting the five reasons why professional mouthguards are better than store-bought types.

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    For more details, contact Dental Resources, Inc. at (800) 328-1276.

    Anti-snoring device and marketing system

    Keller Laboratories, Inc. introduces the Crystal ClearRegistered anti-snoring device (ASD) marketing system to help educate patients about the nonsurgical solution to snoring that is available from their dentist.

    The Crystal Clear ASD marketing system contains the tools for the doctor and team to effectively market the device to their patients. The system includes patient brochures designed for the reception area with information about the causes of snoring and the Crystal Clear ASD solution, and four personalized posters designed to prompt patients to ask about treatment. The system also includes a sample of the device so the patient will know what to expect. Finally, the system contains prescription forms and a case box for the convenience of the doctor's office.

    The Crystal Clear ASD is made from the same premium material as Keller's exclusive Crystal Clear Soft bite splint, proven to be very comfortable and have a high level of patient acceptance.

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    For more information, call (866) 535-5371 or visit