Top products from UOR: New spray starts the sterilization process

Sept. 7, 2023
Corina Layton and Amber Auger discuss a new technology from MicroCare called ProEZ Gel, a pretreatment spray that will make your hygiene practice run more smoothly.

Who doesn't need a new tool to make infection control easier? This new spray from MicroCare called ProEZ Gel Pretreatment Spray starts to disinfect your instruments until you can properly sterilize them. Simply spray on ProEZ and then continue on with your busy day. The enzymes in ProEZ begin to break down the blood and biohazards to begin the sterilization process.

I talked with Corina Layton at Under One Roof to find out how ProEZ works and why she recommends this product for all our practices. She even provides a demo! Watch what she has to say here.

Learn more about ProEZ Gel pretreatment spray.

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