Building a Professional Wardrobe

June 24, 2005
A formula is provided to help you create and maintain a professional image.

by Vicki McManus, RDH

Creating a consistent professional image is a planned process. Eliminate the "we look scruffy, time to order a uniform" syndrome by following the basic formula below for building a career wardrobe.

Integrate corporate colors, logo, and image into wardrobe planning. Clothing should complement the office décor, and work with other ways the practice markets itself. Choosing staff attire is not a matter of personal preference, as much as it is the corporate image.

The budget should include fresh protective clothing for each day of the workday week, and extras in case of heavy soiling during the day. Budgeting must also include laundering of protective clothing (an OSHA regulation).

Building your "New Attitude" wardrobe
New Attitude Clothing features the designs of Pastelli by Pamish. These garments are very durable, typically lasting two to three years with proper care. However, most clients choose to upgrade their look on a planned basis much sooner.

Purchase Planning:

• Start small

• Purchase one lab coat per staff member. Designate this as "Monday" attire.

• Budget and build — add one new piece per month until you have transformed the entire wardrobe.

• Continue purchasing pieces twice a year to keep wardrobe fresh.

Pastelli introduces limited edition designer offerings twice a year — spring and fall. Look for unique pieces to add spice to your image. Visit

Vicki McManus, RDH is a national speaker, author, editor, and executive coach. Contact her directly at 888-347-4785 or [email protected] for more information.