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  • Volume 44, Issue 5 (July 2024)
  • Volume 44, Issue 5 (July 2024)

    Illustration 282899281 © Virinaflora | Dreamstime.com
    SDF application in the hands of a dental hygienist: 4 cases
    Patient Care

    SDF application in the hands of a dental hygienist: 4 cases

    Silver diamine fluoride can be used for high-caries-risk patients as an immediate treatment to arrest decay and preserve tooth structure. These four cases illustrate how hygienists...
    ID 143259844 © Gunita Reine | Dreamstime.com
    oral systemic disease
    Patient Care

    Periodontitis, mitochondrial dysfunction, and systemic disease

    Some studies indicate that mitochondrial dysfunction may play a pivotal role in the associations between periodontitis and conditions such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes...
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    oil pulling in dentistry
    Patient Care

    Oil pulling literature review

    Despite limited statistically significant evidence on the oral health benefits of oil pulling, studies have outlined its potential therapeutic effects and how it could be pivotal...
    ID 49411194 © Vasabii | Dreamstime.com
    Patient Care

    Crystal-clear vision: Dental operating microscopes in modern dentistry

    Dental operating microscopes (DOMs) can enhance clarity of vision and precision care for all dental professionals, including dental hygienists. Learn more about how DOMs can usher...
    171448043 | Background © Oleg Sosnovsky | Dreamstime.com
    Infection Control

    Disinfectant considerations for longevity in the op

    Equipment appearing discolored and worn? It could be a problem with your surface disinfectants.

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    188820786 © Dark1elf | Dreamstime.com
    Career & Profession

    Is dental hygiene a 10-year career?

    With all the turnover in the field of dental hygiene since the pandemic, some are questioning the longevity of this career. Amanda Hill weighs in.
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    deaf and hard-of-hearing barriers in dentistry
    Patient Care

    What you miss: Understanding deaf or hard-of-hearing barriers in dentistry

    Health-care professionals can have a positive impact on the world by making sure the deaf and hard of hearing have access to the tools they need to be able to communicate effectively...
    Career & Profession

    Announcing the 2024 Cellerant Best of Class Hygiene Winners

    Learn more about the winning dental hygiene products and tools in this year's Cellerant Best of Class Hygiene Awards program.