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Sept. 12, 2013
SmartPractice recently announced Pink Ribbon Gloves of Hope polychloroprene exam gloves, a latex-free glove option.
SmartPractice recently announced Pink Ribbon Gloves of Hope polychloroprene exam gloves, a latex-free glove option. The product joins an existing family of Pink Ribbon prophy angles, bags, whitening kits, and other products. SmartPractice donates 5% of the profits from the sale of all Pink Ribbon Gloves and health care products to fund breast cancer research and awareness programs.


Forward Science
recently introduced OralID, which uses fluorescent technology to identify cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions at
early stages. OralID's low cost and lack of per-patient disposables positions the product as a more affordable screening light option. OralID emits visible light that enhances a dental professional's ability to identify tissue abnormalities. Abnormal tissue appears dark due to a lack of fluorescence.


Dr.Collins, Inc.
recently launched the Dr.Collins Dental Work Specialty Floss for consumers who find flossing difficult around implants, bridges, and braces. The dentist-developed, sponge-like floss with a built-in threader eliminates the need for two separate flossing devices. The threader slides through hard-to-reach areas, allowing the thick sponge-like floss to follow through and deeply clean between large interdental spaces, under bridgework, and around implants and braces. Dr.Collins Dental Work is available on a spool, giving the patient the ability to choose the length of floss desired.


GC America
recently announced a new formula for Coe Foam II, a rinseless, dripless, foaming germicidal cleanser and deodorant suitable for cleaning wood, stainless steel, porcelain, and chrome. The improved formula of Coe Foam II kills more viruses, including MRSA on treated surfaces, has a cleaner fresh scent, and offers an enhanced wetting feature for disinfecting. The ozone-friendly aerosol also cleans and sanitizes hard, washable surfaces without rinsing.

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Paradise Dental Technologies
recently announced that the Montana Jack sickle scalers will now be available in pink (R138BC). Pink
Jacks are being offered to support campaigns to raise funds for breast cancer awareness. PDT will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society for every pink Montana Jack sold. PDT uses a process of heat treat and cryogenics to produce its instruments. The ergonomically designed handle is solid resin, weighing 13 grams.

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