Annual 'Cool & Wow!' awards

Feb. 1, 2003
Based on feedback from readers, my February 2002 column, "Uncover a hygiene product that's cool and wow!" was one of your favorite columns. So I decided to make it an annual service. I do mean service.

By Kristine A. Hodson

Based on feedback from readers, my February 2002 column, "Uncover a hygiene product that's cool and wow!" was one of your favorite columns. So I decided to make it an annual service. I do mean service. If I can help just one hygienist decide whether or not a product is of value to investigate or research, then it is well worth putting this list together.

There are some minor changes from last year. I have included only products involving deliverance of hygiene services and have eliminated self-care options. Also, the year the product was introduced into the hygiene marketplace is no longer a factor.

The subsequent list is not intended to be all-inclusive. It is based predominantly on my limited clinical schedule, review of the dental and hygiene literature, the opinion of other knowledgeable clinicians and advisors, evaluation publications, and, most importantly, feedback from the readers of this column and audiences at numerous continuing education courses.

Alcohol-free mouthrinses

• BreathRx™ —
• Supersmile® Mouthrinse —


• Arestin™ — Local delivery antimicrobial
• MicroDose™ Inserts — 2% chlor-hexidine gluconate treatment.

Composite sealants

• Fortify™ Plus —
• OptiGuard® —
• PermaSeal® —

Cordless lights

Tired of fighting with cords and hand fatigue?
• Elipar™ FreeLight —
• Flashlite™ —
• L.E. Demetron 1 —
• Isolite™ Dryfield Illuminator — www.isolitesystems. com. Lights up the oral cavity like Times Square on New Year's Eve.

Diagnostic aids

• DIAGNOdent® — A clinician would have had to have spent the last year under a rock not to have heard or read something about this tool. If you can legally use it, use it. It was a 2002 honorable mention.
• Florida Probe System — Automated probe.
• OralCDx — Who can argue with saving lives? This is a repeat from 2002.
• DV2 Perioscopy™ —
• ShadeEye NCC™ — Cordless shade analyzer.
• T-Scan II — Occlusal evaluation.
• ViziLite™ — Oral lesion detection device.
• Premier PerioWise® —

Esthetic polishing systems

• Enamelize and FlexiBuff Disc — Made the list for the second year.
• Finale™ — Second year running.
• OneGloss® PS — Second year running.
• PoGo™ —
• Proxyt® — Second year running.
Or use these toothpastes as in-office polishing pastes:• Opalescence® whitening toothpaste — www.ultradent. com
• Supersmile® whitening toothpaste — www.supersmile
• Zoom! whitening toothpaste — www.discusdental. com


• CavityShield™ — A repeat from 2002.
• Neutral sodium fluoride foam — So many are available. So choose based on manufacturer's reputation and flavors. Remember the importance of full-coverage trays, especially the cervical margins!

Instrument sharpening devices

• D.I.S.C. sharpening system — (888) 670-6100
• PerioStar® —

Intraoral camera

If your hygiene area is equipped with a unit, then you are luckier than most. The brand does not matter — usage does!


• DioLase ST™ — Soft tissue laser.
• LaserSmile™ — Whitening and soft tissue laser.

Magnification (all kinds and styles)

• Designs for Vision —
• Orascoptic —

Plastic instruments

• Implant-Prophy+™ —


• Clinpro™ Sealant —
• Guardian Seal —
• Helioseal® Clear Chroma — www.ivoclarvivadent.
• UltraSeal XT® plus™ —

Suggested professional reading

• CDT-4 Manual — manage/benefits/cdt4.html
• CRA Dental Hygiene Newsletter — www.cranews. com
• Demystifying Smiles: Strategies for the Dental Team —
• Infection Control in Practice Newsletter —
• Perio Reports Newsletter —

Tongue deplaquers

• BreathRx™ —
• Tango Daily Tongue Cleaner — www.omniiproducts. com

Ultrasonic instrumentation

• Cavitron® —
• Odontoson-M —

Kristine A. Hodsdon, RDH, BS, is an international speaker, author, and software developer. She is the author of Demystifying Smiles: Strategies for the Dental Team. The book is available online at She can be contacted about speaking or coaching at kahods [email protected]. Visit her on the Web at