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Product Report: TruColor technology by Orascoptic

Sept. 4, 2019
Orascoptic has announced TruColor.

Orascoptic has announced TruColor, a pioneering technology to achieve high color rendering index (CRI) illumination. With this development, 90 CRI illumination is available for the first time in a loupe-mounted LED headlight, rendering colors much closer to natural sunlight and unlocking a markedly higher level of color accuracy.

Every loupe LED headlight currently available projects light that contains a relatively limited spectrum of colors, resulting in images that lack the true colors inherent in the viewed object. This can lead to surgical sites and oral surfaces that appear washed out and exhibit poor color accuracy. Orascoptic research and development teams have achieved a color rendering index score greater than 90 across Orascoptic’s full range of loupe headlights. Natural sunlight scores at the maximum 100 in the CRI index. To learn more about TruColor, visit