Figure 1: Orascoptic TruColor lighting technology

Top new dental hygiene products you won’t want to work without

Dec. 4, 2019
Finally—a prophy angle that truly does not splatter! Learn about this and other must-have new products from Jessica Raymond-Allbritten, BASDH, CRDH.

I have always been interested in dental product shopping and research. I love when I get to try a new product that is getting ready to be released or has just become available for purchase. When I attend conferences, I don’t go for the continuing education courses alone, but also for the opportunity to network and see the latest and greatest in product innovations.

With the experience I have gained, I have come to realize that dental companies are here to improve patient care and ergonomics. I am excited to share some of the latest dental products that will do exactly that.

New from Orascoptic

Orascoptic has released new illumination technology and two new loupe frames. Let’s first look at Orascoptic’s latest innovation in lighting technology, TruColor light.

TruColor light 1

TruColor LED lighting technology (figure 1) allows you to see colors under light that is closer to natural sunlight. TruColor light has a CRI (color rendering index) score of greater than 90. For reference, natural sunlight has a CRI of 100. This is a big step up from other lighting systems on the market that have lower CRIs. TruColor technology will allow you to analyze soft and hard tissue to a greater degree than you could before. 

TruColor light also works without diminishing light output, spot uniformity, or battery run time. The technology can now be found in the Spark TruColor, Endeavour TruColor, Endeavour XL TruColor, and XV1 TruColor headlight systems. I prefer the Endeavour XL TruColor, as its battery has a 25% longer run time when compared to Endeavour TruColor’s. It also has additional light intensities (up to 85 lumens) and up to 24 hours of continuous battery life. The small cost difference between the Endeavour and Endeavour XL makes it worth getting the larger battery and more lumens.

RDH EliteEdge loupe and ErgoEdge frame  2

The best feature of the new RDH EliteEdge hygiene loupe (figure 2) and ErgoEdge frame (figure 3) is that they allow users to customize the declination angle up or down five degrees. The adjustable nose pads are another great aspect. They can be moved up or down and from narrow to wide to accommodate different face shapes.

For this equipment, the declination angle set by the factory is about 40 degrees. However, the RDH EliteEdge and ErgoEdge can be set at about 45 degrees if needed by adjusting the temple arm screws. Both frames have adjustable temple tips, which allow for an even more customized fit. A great feature is that a head strap clips into the tips of the temple arms, which allows for a more secure fit. (Head strap slippage is now a thing of the past!) Having the RDH EliteEdge or the ErgoEdge allows hygienists who work in multiple offices the ability to adjust declination angles based on the patient and operatory chairs.

Orascoptic also has amazing customer service and warranties. They offer a 45-day trial period when the product is first purchased. If any adjustments are needed, you receive an additional 45-day trial period. Depending on the battery, frame, and light purchase, warranty times may vary. Orascoptic also offers refurbishing and cleaning of loupes, which should occur every three years. This service is a great way to maintain your loupes so that there are no surprise repairs. 

Orascoptic is an industry leader in loupe and light technology.  They are invested in developing new and innovative products that help improve ergonomics and our ability to provide exceptional care. If you don’t have a backup pair of loupes to use, then now may be the time to think about purchasing one of these great new offerings from Orascoptic. 

New from Premier Dental

AeroPro cordless prophy system 3

Recently released is the AeroPro cordless prophy system from Premier Dental (figure 4). The lightweight, ergonomic, cordless, and pedal-free handpiece allows for mobility and your choice of prophy angle. The handpiece reduces fatigue by allowing you to rotate the angle 360 degrees and adjust power at a touch of a finger.

The AeroPro has three speeds: 500, 1,500, and 2,800 RPMs. While some cordless prophy systems’ RPMs do not stay consistent, the AeroPro’s do. At the highest setting, the AeroPro’s 2,800 RPMs are safe and effective at removing the most tenacious stains. With other handpieces, applying extra pressure is the only way to get the stain off; however, with the AeroPro, no additional pressure is needed. Another nice feature is the battery: it has technology that allows for rapid charging while allowing consistent power to last throughout the entire day. 

As the infection control officer of our practice, I am always focused on safety standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s my job to make sure everything and everyone in the office is up-to-date on the rules and regulations. One thing that I like about this handpiece is that it is compliant with the new CDC rules regarding handpiece motors. Plus, the AeroPro Complete Package comes with three autoclavable outer sheaths, along with disposable plastic barriers. I like that it’s possible to receive extra sheaths so that they all can be autoclaved during the lunch hour after the morning patients have been seen.

The textured grip reduces pinch strength and hand fatigue, which is an important feature due to the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among hygienists. The 360-degree swivel reduces hand and finger fatigue.

Technology has helped provide solutions for dental hygienists by introducing more ergonomic tools like the AeroPro.

New from Ultradent Products

Ultrapro Tx Sweep prophy angle 4

Finally—a prophy angle that truly does not splatter! (Or at least cuts it by 95%!) As we all know, a patient’s saliva often will rope around a prophy cup, causing the hygienist and patient to get splattered. Ultradent released the Ultrapro Tx Sweep prophy angle in September 2019, putting an end to this unpleasant experience (figure 5).

The Ultrapro Tx Sweep prophy angle is designed with a unique brush guard attached near the angle, resulting in the saliva and prophy paste being swept away as it accumulates. It has a unique blade design with outer ridges for better interproximal cleaning, optimal flare, and quiet gear design. Its ergonomic shape has a shorter head and slimmer neck, improving visibility and stain removal. Hygienists can choose from either a soft or firm cup style. 

I recently switched to using a soft Ultrapro Tx Sweep prophy angle in my office. After just one use, my hygienist coworker and I were hooked! It is easy to use, and I didn’t have to change my routine in polishing patients. I also didn’t have to follow my prophy angle around with suction to catch the splatter, nor did I have prophy paste splatter to clean off the patient’s lips and face. My dentist was happy to make the switch as well, due to the lower price point compared to our previous prophy angles. The Ultrapro Tx Sweep prophy angle is a unique, high-quality product that is worth the switch.

New from Paradise Dental Technologies

Pineyro Arch Kit  5

The Pineyro Arch Kit is a four-piece implant instrument kit that is designed to address all the difficulties in hygiene access for full fixed implant restorations (figure 6). Each instrument is designed to allow better access to implants for full fixed hybrid cases. The instruments are titanium, which do not scratch any component of the implant system.

Other implant instruments follow the design of scalers designed for natural teeth. But for patients with implant components, those scalers are ineffective at cleaning the implant appropriately. The instruments in the Pineyro Arch Kit follow the anatomy of dental implants, which allows for greater efficiency. 

These instruments are also designed in a way that they can be used while the prosthesis is still in the mouth if the implants and tissues are healthy. Sharp cutting edges and tips were removed to help prevent trauma to the tissue. These instruments allow for the tissue to be displaced, allowing for adaptation to the circular implant componentry. My hygienist coworker and I love these instruments for our hybrid and implant patients due to the ease of use, ergonomic handles, and the level of patient comfort they provide. If your office sees a lot of implant and hybrid cases, I would strongly consider purchasing these instruments.

Investing in improvements

I have tried many products since first entering dentistry almost 17 years ago. Looking back on the range of products that were available then compared to what is available now is remarkable. Future products will continue to help improve ergonomics and patient care.

Dental product research and shopping are passions of mine. I am not affiliated with any of the above companies, nor was I provided with free products or asked to discuss the products in this article. I decided to discuss these products because they are truly great tools that I think evrey hygienist should try for themselves. 

Networking with dental representatives and other hygienists, attending dental conventions, and taking continuing education courses are great ways to stay up-to-date on the newest products. Find the ones that fit with your practice and your budget, and be a part of the exciting technology changes in dentistry! 


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JESSICA RAYMOND-​ALLBRITTEN, BASDH, CRDH, practices dental hygiene at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry in Dunedin, Florida. She currently serves on the St. Petersburg College School of Dental Hygiene Advisory Board. She can be reached at [email protected].

Disclosure: The author is not affiliated with and did not receive compensation from the companies in this article.

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Jessica Raymond-Allbritten, BASDH, CRDH

Jessica Raymond-​Allbritten, BASDH, CRDH, practices dental hygiene at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry in Dunedin, Florida. She was a member of the 2015 Colgate Oral Health Advisory Board, and she is currently a contributing author for the Colgate Oral Health Advisor web page. You may contact her at  [email protected].