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Chairside Impact: FluoroCal by Bisco

June 1, 2021
When it comes to choosing a fluoride varnish, one stands out from the rest, says Amber Metro-Sanchez.

I am going to be honest here. When it comes to fluoride varnish, there has always been some confusion in my head as to which product is the best choice for my patients. With so many varieties available, I find myself wondering which one is most effective as far as sensitivity relief and fluoride uptake. For all too long, this topic has been a “gooey mess” in my head.

Recently I had the opportunity to try out FluoroCal, a 5% sodium fluoride varnish manufactured by Bisco, and I finally found some clarity. I can confidently say that this innovative product has distinguished itself from the crowd due to its ability to effectively address the longstanding curse of tooth sensitivity.

I hate to say it, but when it comes to sensitivity relief, we often don’t take this pervasive concern as seriously as we should. As a result, many people just try to live with the annoyance. A 2019 meta-analysis published in the Journal of Dentistry estimated that 11.5% of people suffer from dentinal hypersensitivity.1 During my 15-year career as a dental hygienist, I have heard the spiel about trying out sensitivity toothpaste for the next week hundreds of times, but truthfully, who wants to wait that long for relief that may never come? As someone who has dealt with this condition repeatedly over the years, I can assure you that patients want relief now.

This is where FluoroCal steps in and delivers exactly what a patient with sensitivity needs. As explained on Bisco’s website, FluoroCal quickly works to penetrate and seal the dentin tubules, thereby providing immediate relief. This formulation is highly effective because it delivers targeted and sustained release of both fluoride and calcium over a period of 24 hours. Most varnishes rely on fluoride as their sole active ingredient, but FluoroCal goes a step further and utilizes the power of tri-­calcium phosphate (TCP). The combination of fluoride and TCP results in greater protection and acid resistance.2 When tested, FluoroCal impressively demonstrated statistically higher enamel fluoride uptake than other leading varnishes.3 This product also contains xylitol, which is well known for its bactiostatic effects on Steptococcus mutans.4

Recently I came across a perfect opportunity to test out this product for myself. My daughter had a couple of teeth filled and was experiencing a lot of discomfort afterward due to cold sensitivity. Fortunately, I had FluoroCal on hand and I brought her back into the office for a quick application. When I applied the varnish, I noticed that it didn’t clump or form any troublesome strings, and it looked quite natural once it was on the tooth surface. The most satisfying part was that my daughter’s teeth started to feel better almost instantly, and she was back to eating like normal. In fact, she hasn’t complained about her teeth since.

In a field where many competitors blend into the background, FluoroCal stands out as an innovative product that can be trusted to address your patients’ sensitivity needs effectively and immediately. Now you can let your patients know that sensitivity is no longer a dreaded occurrence that they just need to suffer through. Thanks to FluoroCal, relief is just a quick application away. 


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AMBER METRO-SANCHEZ, BA, RDH, practices dental hygiene with Chris Bible, DDS, at Comfort Dental in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She also works as a professional educator on behalf of Waterpik. She is a contributing author for the Colgate Professional and Colgate Oral Care Center webpages. You may contact her at [email protected].