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What's on my tray: A pathologist turned dental hygienist

March 13, 2023
Learn what products this pathology-loving RDH relies on in her day-to-day work.

Not many of us can say we feel competent in or love pathology. But Andreina Sucre can. Andreina was born and raised in Venezuela, and also received her dental education there. After attending dental school, she studied pathology in Colombia and moved to the United States in 2016. She currently lives in Miami, Florida, where she practices full-time as a clinical dental hygienist. Her background in pathology and dental hygiene brings a unique perspective to comprehensive care and product recommendations. Andreina's top products are Gum Dual Action Tongue Cleaner, Pac-Dent ProMate CL Cordless Hygiene Handpiece, and Forward Science’s oral cancer screening device, the OralID.

Don't forget to smile...and brush your tongue

Tongue-cleaning is essential, but what tools are the right ones for a fresh and halitosis-free tongue? Andreina recommends Gum's Dual Action Tongue Cleaner for a complete oral hygiene program. The dual-action tongue cleaner consists of two rows of bristles on one side and two rows of scrapers on the other side. Andreina appreciates the multifaceted abilities of the tongue cleaner as it "provides a thorough cleaning." The Dual Action Tongue Cleaner's ergonomic and comfortable grip handle assists patients in accessing "right to the back where most odor-causing bacteria reside." Andreina recommends the Dual Action Tongue Cleaner because it is a "reusable, effective, and affordable product."

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Scale, polish, floss, repeat

Whether you polish first or after scaling, Andreina believes the prophy handpiece you use can make or break your clinical experience. Perhaps you are using a polisher with a heavy cord or worse, a short cord! Maybe the prophy handpiece is not compatible with your favorite prophy angle. All these reasons are why Andreina uses the Pac-Dent ProMate CL Cordless Hygiene Handpiece. The ProMate CL Cordless handpiece is ergonomically innovative by allowing the flexibility to use its Bluetooth-powered foot pedal or its quick-touch button on the handpiece.

Andreina especially loves the long-lasting battery, saying "the battery lasts all day without me having to charge in between patients." The ProMate has other great ergonomic features, such as its amazingly light weight of 3.8 oz. PacDent states that at its weight it is "20% lighter than industry-leading low-speed handpieces." The six-speed setting handpiece is also universally compatible with any prophy angle. Andreina agrees, describing the ProMate CL Cordless Hygiene Handpiece as "cordless, effortless, and extraordinary."

A guiding light

As a pathologist, Andreina believes in performing thorough oral cancer screenings for every patient at every visit. Along with a comprehensive extra- and intraoral exam, Andreina incorporates the OralID into her examination. The OralID uses fluorescence technology to detect abnormalities in the oral cavity. What sets the OralID apart from other oral cancer screening devices is that it does not have a per-patient cost associated with the device. With this product, there is no need for rinses, dyes, or sleeves, reducing the cost and waste per procedure.

Andreina especially loves the ease of use of the oral cancer screening device. "The light comes with a guide to help you detect abnormalities. You put on the provided glasses, shine the light, and if you identify dark areas, those would be areas of concern." As a dental hygienist, Andreina appreciates the ease of use. "With the OralID, I do not feel like I am adding another thing into an already-cramped appointment. I am doing what is best for my patient while not being stressed about time.”

For pathology tips, follow Andreina on Instagram @thepathordh.