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Why I switched my mouth rinse recommendation

June 12, 2023
TheraBreath offers diverse formulas of mouth rinse to match the unique needs of all patients. Here's why you should consider adding it to your armamentarium.

When it comes to our patients, we want to recommend the most efficacious products. But it can often take time to find the best products that deserve our seal of approval. Early in my career as a dental hygienist, I found my go-to toothpaste, floss, and even battery-powered toothbrush brands, but I never quite found a mouth rinse that checked all the boxes. That is, until I heard about TheraBreath mouth rinse.

Before I switched my recommendation to TheraBreath, I was underwhelmed with the over-the-counter rinses. There were a few I liked but did not love, and even though I liked them and knew they provided some benefits, I was not overly impressed. Many of my patients felt the same way and also didn't have a mouth rinse they loved.

So, in my search to find a better mouth rinse that I could feel 100% confident about, my patients were top of mind. This led me to look for a line with diverse formulas to match patient diversity. All patients are unique, and so are their oral care needs. One mouth rinse may work well for a 60-year-old with inflammation and bleeding gums but may not be the right solution for a 25-year-old with cavity-prone teeth.

The condition-specific rinses from TheraBreath meet all my patients’ needs, which means they also meet my professional needs. I appreciate that there are formulas for caries prevention, gum health, dry mouth, and oral malodor. There is even a formula for stain removal and whitening—a popular option with a lot of patients—and a mouth rinse for kids that is available in three flavors.

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Natural and simple ingredients

In addition to wanting a brand that I could trust for all my patients, I also wanted to know the formulations. Personally, I gravitate toward products with more natural and simple ingredients. I’d never recommend a mouth rinse containing ingredients that I don’t believe in or that I know my patients don’t want.

Again, TheraBreath hits a home run here because it’s alcohol-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and dye-free. Without these ingredients, you can rest assured that the rinses have a great taste, are clear in color, and most importantly, do not irritate or burn.

In my experience, the burn after rinsing with an alcohol-based formula is not something all patients want. In fact, I often heard complaints, such as, “Alcohol rinses are too harsh” or “The ‘burning’ sensation is not for me.” I don’t recommend rinses that contain alcohol as they tend to have a low, often acidic pH that can inhibit saliva production, which causes dry mouth and other potentially harmful side effects.

My favorite aspect of TheraBreath mouth rinse is that it is dentist formulated with minimal yet intentional ingredients, such as sodium fluoride, cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) for gingivitis and plaque, and sodium chlorite for oral malodor. It gives me comfort to know that I recommend rinses created by a fellow dental professional who thinks like you and me. Because of this, I feel confident that each formula will deliver results.

For patients with oral malodor

TheraBreath Fresh Breath is what I recommend to those struggling with oral malodor. Formulated with sodium chlorite, the rinse works differently, harnessing the power of oxygen to fight anaerobic bacteria that produce malodorous volatile sulfur compounds. The result? Patients can fight bad breath for 12 hours.1 The best part? It is effective without the addition of alcohol.

My patients who use Fresh Breath have called it “the solution” to their bad breath problem, and some have even gone so far as to say it changed their life by giving them confidence. Others have mentioned that nothing else ever worked, including alternative rinses, toothbrushing, mints, and tongue scrapers.

I found a better mouth rinse in TheraBreath, and I’m glad I made the switch. If you’re not thrilled with the rinses out there, or you just want to try something new for your patients, consider switching to the orange cap. Visit TheraBreath's website or call (800) 447-6666.

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