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Meet the newest members of Pac-Dent's preventive line, the ProMate EZ-Q and the AntiSplatr Disposable Prophy Angles.

Chairside Impact: Pac-Dent’s ProMate EZ-Q Handpiece and AntiSplatr Prophy Angles

Nov. 27, 2023
Meet the newest members of Pac-Dent's preventive line, the ProMate EZ-Q Quick Disconnect Hygiene Handpiece and the redesigned AntiSplatr Disposable Prophy Angles.

Dental hygienists have a short amount of time to accomplish multiple tasks during each preventive maintenance appointment, so every second counts. Products that provide additional convenience, infection protection, and ergonomic support are in high demand, so Pac-Dent works tirelessly to provide clinicians with tools to support their safety and career longevity. The newest members of their preventive line, the ProMate EZ-Q Quick Disconnect Hygiene Handpiece and newly redesigned AntiSplatr Disposable Prophy Angle offer multiple benefits that the RDH is sure to appreciate.

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CDC recommendations

Many clinicians aren’t aware that their polishing handpieces should be sterilized after every patient, and if they are, many don’t follow recommendations because of the inconvenience. In 2018, the CDC stated that the internal parts of air-driven dental handpieces can become contaminated with a variety of pathogens from one patient and transferred to other patients when the handpiece is not correctly processed.1 Their guidelines dictate that handpieces should be removed, cleaned, and heat-sterilized between patients.

The ProMate EZ-Q Quick Disconnect Hygiene Handpiece

Removing a traditional polishing handpiece from the cord can be inconvenient, as most are permanently attached to their couplers and require the clinician to continually screw and unscrew the handpiece for proper processing. The ProMate EZ-Q handpiece is different, with an easy quick disconnect feature that allows the clinician to attach and detach from the coupler in an easy push or pull motion. This preserves time and wrist strain when preparing for the next patient. In addition, the ProMate EZ-Q is designed with a smooth 360-degree swivel head, allowing the clinician to easily maneuver the handpiece to adapt to tight angles and rounded surfaces. The handpiece requires no lubrication of the motor and is compatible with any universal prophy angle.

AntiSplatr Disposable Prophy Angles

AntiSplatr angles are a great companion to the ProMate EZ-Q, as they enhance safety and efficiency compared to common prophy angles. A 2020 study found that the closer the clinician is to the patient during aerosol and spatter-generating procedures, the higher the chance of being contaminated with infectious material.2 The AntiSplatr angle solves this everyday issue with a redesigned, low-profile fender that provides unparalleled infection protection without hindering visibility or maneuverability. Additional features include spiral blades on the interior of the cup to retain paste, a textured exterior to stimulate gingival tissue, and a slender cup lip with flexible flare to extend subgingivally for enhanced biofilm removal.

Products that improve efficiency, reduce exposure, and protect the clinician’s musculoskeletal system are essential. The ProMate EZ-Q and AntiSplatr angle are simple solutions to streamline the polishing experience. Small changes in the equipment used for popular procedures to increase efficiency will undoubtably result in happier patients and oral health-care providers, and Pac-Dent is here to supply these essentials. 

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