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Bethany Montoya reviews Pac-Dent's ProPaste One Disposable prophy ring and AntiSplatr paste.

Chairside Impact: ProPaste One and AntiSplatr

May 2, 2024
Bethany Montoya, BAS, RDH, reviews Pac-Dent's ProPaste One disposable prophy ring and AntiSplatr paste.

There are many hygienists who swear by the prophy ring. They enjoy the convenience it provides during their coronal polishing procedures; however, manufacturers typically only provide one ring inside a large box of prophy paste cups. This leaves clinicians in a never-ending search for more. In fact, if you look through any online dental hygiene forum, you will undoubtedly find requests from members in search of extra prophy rings from their colleagues after their existing rings break, corrode, or become discontinued.

The problem is that many prophy rings are made of fragile, disposable material, but the hygienist is expected to reuse them repeatedly for months—even years. This can lead to a significant degree of unnecessary stress, as clinicians struggle to find the simple tools that they need to treat the patients in their busy schedule. What if there was a better way? Pac-Dent has developed an innovative solution to this issue with the ProPaste One prophy ring and paste combo, a 2-in-1 system that provides the user with a fresh ring for every cup of prophy paste.

Benefits of a disposable ring

Practitioners are initially attracted to using prophy rings because of the ergonomic convenience they provide. Instead of having to repeatedly twist, turn, or reach to use their prophy paste, a ring allows for quick and easy accessibility that keeps the body in a continually neutral position. The ProPaste One combo provides the same ergonomic benefits as a traditional ring, but in a preassembled, single-use system that allows the clinician to have a new ring with every polishing procedure. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and easily adjusted to fit any finger size. In addition to convenience, a disposable system boosts infection control measures, as there is no need to sterilize or sanitize them for reuse. This can be especially important in mobile settings where access to sterilization equipment is limited.

The power of the paste

The paste secured inside of a prophy ring is also important. Flavor, particle grit, and viscosity are characteristics that play a critical role in a paste’s ability to remove plaque biofilm and stain during the polishing process.

In an effort to supply the clinician with only the best, Pac-Dent has thoughtfully included their exclusive AntiSplatr prophy paste in the ProPaste One combo. Available in an assortment of flavors, this unique paste is designed to exceed the clinician’s expectations in its stain-removing abilities while also reducing the spatter effect that is commonly associated with coronal polishing. This not only creates a more pleasant experience for the patient and provider, but also protects them from hazardous cross-contamination and infection spread. What’s more, the AntiSplatr paste offers remineralizing and desensitizing power thanks to the addition of 1.23% sodium fluoride and tricalcium phosphate in the formulation.

The prophy ring has historically been a valuable prophylaxis accessory, but with “limited edition” availability. Dental hygienists have asked for more, and Pac-Dent has listened. The ProPaste One ring and paste combo provides clinicians with ergonomic protection, bolstered infection control, peace of mind, and patient satisfaction. Gone are the days of reusing flimsy rings made of single-use materials, thanks to this next-level, disposable system. When it concerns simple solutions to everyday hygiene problems, Pac-Dent continues to lead the way.

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Bethany Montoya, BAS, RDH, is a practicing dental hygienist, editorial director of DentistryIQ's Clinical Insights newsletter, and a key opinion leader. She has advanced knowledge and training in complex cosmetic dentistry, dental sleep medicine, and implant dentistry. Recently, she has devoted her time to dentistry’s personal and interpersonal aspects through her social media brand, @humanrdh. Contact Bethany at [email protected].