Product Report

Nov. 14, 2014
Product Report

Sunstar Americas Inc. recently launched the Butler Prophyciency prophy angles with ButlerBloom contouring cup. The prophy angles feature a flower‐shaped cup that contours to all tooth surfaces during the cleaning and polishing process. No paste is used, eliminating the need to reload prophy cups and reducing rinsing during the prophylaxis. Two versions of Prophyciency are available - Clean & Polish and Polish. The latter is recommended for patients who have little to no staining.


Ultradent Products Inc. recently introduced Ultrawave and Ultrawave XS, a new line of piezo ultrasonic devices. The benefits include automatic real-time frequency adjustment (28 kHz-36 kHz) and controlled amplitude of the tip vibration. The Ultrawave XS features an LED handpiece and self-contained irrigation tank with 300 ml capacity. Additionally, the piezo ultrasonic devices are compatible with 70+ S-style tips and are autoclavable at 134°C with a removable nose cone.

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Water Pik Inc. recently introduced the Waterpik Gel-Grip Disposable Prophy Angles, which feature soft grips to reduce fatigue and soreness and produce tactile response for precision control. A full line of Waterpik prophy cup designs are available, including soft and firm natural rubber, soft latex-free, the Waterpik Wizard soft cup and brush combination, and a tapered brush.

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Mission Pharmacal Co. recently launched Aquoral, a protective oral spray that moistens and lubricates the mouth for up to four hours. Aquoral utilizes a plant-derived, lipid-based technology designed to function like human saliva, offering relief to patients with dry mouth symptoms. Aquoral is available by prescription only.


Vista Dental recently added an LED handpiece to its Piezo Pilot for enhanced visibility. The white light offers increased tissue recognition and visibility in posterior regions. The Pilot is available in six colors with ergonomic, autoclavable handpiece sleeves and includes a set of ultrasonic hygiene tips with torque wrenches. Pilot accepts all competitive ultrasonic tips.

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