Smart Select

An option for selective polishing: Young introduces paste, develops angle with Oral-B

Sept. 28, 2015


Smart Select by Young Dental

Selective polishing just got smarter with Young Dental's Smart Select, a "selective polishing paste" introduced by the company at the RDH Under One Roof conference last July. This unique dual cup dispenser allows the hygienist to selectively polish all teeth, stained or unstained, by selecting the least abrasive polishing agent to accomplish the task at hand, meeting the individual patient's needs.

As you already know, coarse grit polish should be used sparingly since it can cause or worsen hypersensitivity, create rough surfaces resulting in accelerated staining, and adherence of plaque biofilms. Unfortunately, many hygienists are still using coarse paste on a routine basis, even when it's contraindicated.

Consider using Smart Select as part of your routine during prophy and periodontal maintenance. The dual cup offers you the best of both worlds-a medium coarse grit when you need it alongside a smooth, fine finishing paste.

Smart Select is made with xylitol and contains 1.23% fluoride. It's gluten free and comes in a 125-count box, which is available in mint or assorted flavors.

Take advantage of introductory pricing by buying two boxes and receiving the third box for free. Visit to order or call your rep today.

Oral-B Practitioner Series Disposable Prophy Angle

Did you know that Young and Oral-B have partnered to create professional dental products? Among the first offerings available from this collaboration is the Oral-B Practitioner Series SUPA Slim disposable prophy angle. According to the manufacturer, this is one of dentistry's smallest disposable prophy angles. SUPA Slim is tailored to the dental hygienist and specifically designed to meet your clinical needs:

  • Lean neck line for greater visibility
  • Smaller head size improves access to hard-to-reach areas
  • Overall slim body enhances patient and clinician comfort
  • Textured grip for easy handling

SUPA Slim is available from your preferred dealer in two styles-the popular exterior-ribbed cup, which is one of my personal favorites for interproximal polishing (item #295332), or the four-webbed cup (item #295330). Both come in a 110-count bag for about 76 cents per angle. Next time you order single use prophy angles, think SUPA Slim.

Cocofloss is seriously delicious!

It's my privilege to introduce Cocofloss, a seriously delicious floss that is treated with coconut oil. The floss comes in coconut, mint, and strawberry flavors. Right away, I noticed a difference in this (string) floss that delighted my senses - smell, taste, feel, and sight. The packaging is unique, the taste is delightful, and the smell immediately transported me to a tropical paradise. Piña coladas, anyone?

I "flossed" alongside several colleagues as we each tested Cocofloss. Picture six hygienists standing in an operatory performing synchronized flossing! (Thank you to the hygienists of Wood Creek Dental in Landrum, S.C., for flossing with me.) Each of these ladies had already flossed with another popular floss. What was surprising was that everyone observed "additional" plaque removal when using Cocofloss, supporting the company's claim of "squeaky clean" interdental areas. This soft, gently expanding, lightly waxed, multifilament floss slipped smoothly between my tight contacts and did indeed give me the squeaky-clean feeling.

Chrystle Cu, DDS, who practices in the San Francisco Bay area, developed Cocofloss with her sister, Catherine. The goal was to create floss that transformed the flossing experience into a delightful, motivating, and addicting experience, and I believe they've succeeded.

I know you have patients who hate to floss. If no other flossing option has won them over, this just might be the turning point.

Additionally, Cocofloss purchases help support dental health and education in underserved communities via the Smile for Smile promise. They have partnered with the non-profit organization Philos Health and their work in Bohol, Philippines, where 80% of the children have untreated dental caries.

Cocofloss is available for purchase online at Each container provides 30 meters of floss, which lasts two months when you use approximately 18 inches everyday. You may subscribe to a home delivery of Cocofloss, arriving every two months for only $7. Or you may purchase single units without a subscription for $8 each or a quantity of three units for $21. Special pricing is available to dental professionals for both sample and full sized units. Try the different flavors today and enhance your flossing experience!

As always, email me with your questions and product suggestions at [email protected]. RDH

KIM MILLER, RDH, BSDH, is the co-founder of, an information-based website providing free current oral-systemic research summaries and patient education downloads. Kim is also a coach with Inspired Hygiene, delivering customized hands-on training. She speaks internationally, writes articles and webinars, and enjoys clinical dental hygiene. Kim lives in Arizona and welcomes you to contact her at [email protected].