Products from Chicago Midwinter: Remin Pro’s role in preventive care

May 11, 2015
The Chicago Midwinter is always a great meeting, and one of the things I like best about it is getting to see firsthand all of the new and improved products being released.


The Chicago Midwinter is always a great meeting, and one of the things I like best about it is getting to see firsthand all of the new and improved products being released. If you've never been to this meeting that is hosted every February, you may want to add it to your list for next year.

Remin Pro by VOCO

Remin Pro delivers the power of triple protective dental care with fluoride, hydroxyapatite, and xylitol. The fluoride (1,450 ppm) is converted on the tooth surface into the more stable and acid-resistant fluorapatite when it comes in contact with the saliva, which strengthens the tooth and making it more resistant to acid attacks.

The hydoxyapaptite fills superficial enamel lesions and irregularities resulting from erosion. By adhering to the tooth, Remin Pro helps to protect against further demineralization and erosion. According to the manufacturer, dentin tubules are superficially sealed and the tooth surface is left noticeably smoother with a "good mouth feel," impairing the adhesion of harmful bacterial plaque.

The cariostatic properties of xylitol play an important role in Remin Pro. Since xylitol cannot be converted into harmful lactic acid by the cariogenic bacteria, Remin Pro further reduces acid exposure and encourages remineralization, making this a great product to use for desensitizing or even during chemotherapy treatments.


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Remin Pro is a water-based cream that can be used before and after whitening, after cleanings, and for the treatment and prevention of hypersensitivity, demineralization, and erosion. For patients older than age six, it can be applied with a toothbrush, a fingertip, or placed in a custom tray. The 40-gram tube comes in strawberry, mint, and melon flavors. Remin Pro does not contain milk proteins, so there are no allergy or sensitivity issues with the product.

Visit or call (888) 658-2584 for more information. Remin Pro is also available through Patterson or Schein dealers.

Viroxyn Professional Use Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sores (oral herpes) are one of the leading causes of nonimpact blindness in the United States. Keratitis can result from touching the cold sore, then touching the eye. If you are among the many who suffer from oral herpes, or you have patients who do, you'll want to know about Viroxyn. With 7.5% benzocaine, Viroxyn is clinically proven to stop pain and speed healing with just one application.

In a recent study in the Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry, Viroxyn was compared to Abreva and shown to reduce pain in one hour and promote complete healing within three days, as opposed to three days for pain control and seven days for healing with Abreva.

Available exclusively through health-care professionals, Viroxyn is an over-the-counter drug sold through dentists and dermatologists. The active ingredients in Viroxyn are benzalkonium chloride, which inactivates the cold sore virus on contact, and isopropyl alcohol, which carries the benzalkonium chloride into the tissue where the virus lives.

The medication is housed in a patented single-use delivery system designed to help the medication penetrate without ever having to touch the cold sore. Viroxyn Professional Use is guaranteed to work. For more information visit or call (877) 825-7153.

Baby Buddy Nurtures Oral Care From the Start

"Train a child in the way he should go ..." is the tag line for this innovative line of products designed to nurture a lifetime of oral care right from the start. The six stages guide from infancy to 12 years of age:

Stage 1: Tooth Tissues for 0-16 months. All natural bubble gum flavored wipes with xylitol are paraben- and fluoride-free. Begin wiping infant gums (until back molars appear) to establish daily oral hygiene routine.

Stage 2: Finger Toothbrush for three-plus months is designed to fit easily on finger for parental control.

Stage 3: Wipe and Brush, 4-16 months, helps take the "bite" out of teething. Soothes gums as you wipe with tooth tissues through the opening while massaging with finger brush.

Stage 4: Babies 1st toothbrush for four-plus months, isn't a brush at all, but a small arch-shaped teething device. Child controlled, designed to clean and massage tender gums. My 7-month old granddaughter loves hers.

Stage 5: 360 Toothbrush for four to 24 months. This unique brush features over 15,000, 0.07mm microfiber bristles in a 360° pattern. This brush is designed for softer more effective brushing for baby's tender mouth and gums. Available in mint green, blue, yellow, and pink.

Stage 6: 360 Toothbrush is for ages two to 12 years. This brush features over 10,000, 0.09mm microfiber bristles in a 360-degree pattern. The brushes are featured in blue, purple, and red.

Stages 2-4 come in blue, clear, pink or green. The products in stages 2-6 are free from BPA, lead, and phthalate.

The 360 toothbrush concept is by far the most innovative I have seen in a very long time. It is also available for expectant moms and designed to be gentle on sensitive teeth and tender gums. The more than 18,000 ultra-fine microfiber bristles remove nearly twice as much plaque as other brushes, according to the manufacturer.

All of the toothbrushes feature the patented technology and unique design of ultra-fine microfiber bristles in a 360-degree pattern. Spacing washers between the bristle layers allow them to rotate, dry quickly, and stay clean. Designed to massage gums, clean the tongue and effectively remove plaque as well as coffee, wine and food stains, this brush offers a unique brushing experience. In fact, there is no need to twist or spin the brush with your wrist as you use brush more gently and with less pressure than you would with a standard toothbrush.

Stages 1-5 can also be purchased in an attractive Oral Care Kit. These kits make a great gift for new parents or grandparents. Check out all their products at or call (800) 466-5270.

The Dental Exchange

Knowledge, opportunities, and social and professional interaction is what this online resource for dental professionals, The Dental Exchange, is all about.

To support your expanding knowledge, the MyCEtool makes it easy for you to search state requirements, customize your information, and receive automatic reminders about upcoming courses. The MyCEtool key features include:

• Keep track of all of CE requirements in one place

• Quickly search state CE requirements by specialty

• Securely store and manage your CE records by date and category

• Easily upload scanned copies of your completed CE certificates

The Dental Exchange is also committed to providing a secure, positive and collaborative platform for members to connect and consult with one another. In addition, you'll be able to access resources essential to your professional power and clinical success, including business, leadership, and work-life balance. You'll find people, places, ideas and tools designed to help you take your career to the next level.

Looking for opportunities? The Dental Exchange provides a Resume Builder where you can access professional advice and create a stellar resume. You can search the SubHub database, designed for the entire dental profession, making it easy to find temporary team members that are a great fit for your team. In addition, you can search the national job board, and find jobs and opportunities that match your interest, based upon your location and expertise.

The Dental Exchange also provides a mix of professional connectivity and social networking through social forums such as: What's Working, Current Challenges, Continuing Education, and Products. Visit and see how this online resource for dental professionals can help you.

As always, email me, [email protected], with your comments and suggestions of products you would like to see included in this column. RDH

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