Aug. 23, 2016

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Sharp Diamond hand instruments by LM-Dental

The production of the sharpen-free hand instruments uses physical vapor deposition technology to help create instruments that the company describes as "razor sharp, extremely hard, yet smooth and light." The company said the sharpen-free instruments allow clinicians to "enjoy full control and improved tactile sense ... easily shave off calculus instead of fracturing it." In addition, the company announced its LM-ErgoSense (handle style) instruments offer an advanced RFID chip (integrated into the handles), enabling a tracking system that ensures "only safe and clean instruments are used."

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Boge 513 scaler by American Eagle

The Boge 513 is a modified sickle/hoe scaler used to remove calculus in the dental prophylaxis process. The instrument is double-ended, and is available only in sharpen-free XP Technology from American Eagle Instruments. The company said the instrument's angulation led to the decision to produce it as a sharpen-free instrument. One end of the Boge 513 has an elongated shank and straight, slightly lipped cutting edge for tartar removal in areas where patients have fixed orthodontic wires and/or marginal recession with exposed root surfaces. The alternate end of the instrument is a Nebraska 128 sickle scaler. The Boge 513 will be available exclusively in XP Technology in both Quik-Tip cone socket instrument and fixed instrument patterns.

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New flavors for Enamelast by Ultradent

The three new flavors in the Enamelast fluoride varnish line are cool mint, bubble gum, and orange cream. The original Walterberry flavor is still available. Ultradent said it created Enamelast fluoride varnish "for an effective varnish that doesn't leave an unsightly, uncomfortable, or gritty residue. ... In addition to its silky texture, Enamelast varnish appears nearly invisible against the teeth." Enamelast varnish features a patented adhesion-promoting agent that enhances retention. The fluoride varnish comes in two delivery options: unit-dose blister packs or Ultradent's syringe-and-tip application.

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