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DentalEZ® Group provides innovative choices

March 1, 2006
Den-Tal-Ez Manufacturing Company (now The DentalEZ® Group) was founded in 1958 by an inventor named John Naughton of Des Moines, Iowa, who collaborated with Dr. John Anderson to develop the new famous J-Chair®.

Den-Tal-Ez Manufacturing Company (now The DentalEZ® Group) was founded in 1958 by an inventor named John Naughton of Des Moines, Iowa, who collaborated with Dr. John Anderson to develop the now famous J-Chair®. The J-Chair was quite an innovation in dentistry, as it was the first dental chair that allowed the dentist to sit next to a reclined patient, thus greatly reducing the strain on the practitioner’s neck and back, while also enhancing the comfort of the patient.

DentalEZ expanded their product line extensively over the next 50 years, making their mark as the most integrated supplier of durable dental goods that form the core components of every dental operatory.

“Our products are designed to do more than just innovate - they are designed to work in harmony with their environment, which includes both the people that use them as well as the other components of the dental operatory,” says Aggie Pennington, Senior Product Manager. “Ergonomic factors are always at the forefront of our product development; we feel that practitioners should look forward to working with our products, not only because they help them work better, but because they contribute to their overall health and well-being.”

The DentalEZ Group strives to be “The Company of Choice” for dental health professionals worldwide, advancing the practice and the instruction of dentistry and oral hygiene through innovative products and services.

“When we say ‘DentalEZ: The Company of Choice,’ the ‘choice’ part actually has two meanings: Not only do we have the choicest products available, we have the most choices among those products,” says Luci McVay, Marketing Communications Manager.

The five product brands of the DentalEZ Group are:

StarDental®: The StarDental brand has provided numerous innovations to the industry, such as fiber optics, sonic scalers and LubeFree handpieces, and manufactures a complete line of high- and low-speed dental handpieces.

CustomAir®: The CustomAir brand has developed numerous innovations in evacuation pumps and methods to conserve the water required by the water ring pump. CustomAir’s LubeFree Compressors provide dental compressed air, and the 800 and 900 Series Compressors offer a 100 percent duty cycle, bringing dependability and efficiency to one-person practices or multi-station clinics.

DentalEZ®: With their exclusive independent tilt, DentalEZ brand chairs greatly reduce the strain on the dentist’s neck and back while enhancing the comfort of the patient. The chairs sold in conjunction with the company’s extensive line of ergonomically designed operatory and workstation equipment can further expand a healthy and efficient work environment.

RAMVAC®: The RAMVAC brand provides a full spectrum of 100 percent water-free dental vacuum equipment designed for decades of maximum reliability. RAMVAC systems are available in a wide power-range to satisfy the needs of a single-dentist practice, as well as custom, computer-controlled systems designed for dental schools or large clinics.

Columbia Dentoform®: Columbia Dentoform develops a wide range of models and teeth, including teeth with caries and abnormalities, in order to provide the dental community with superior simulation alternatives as well as patient education models.

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The DentalEZ Group has its own sales force and sells its products through a network of dental dealers and distributors. According to DentalEZ Vice President of Marketing Randy Arner, “Continued growth has enabled us to expand our sales force significantly. This allows DentalEZ to provide the highest level of service and support. In addition, our equipment and handpiece products each has its own dedicated sales force which not only results in deeper product knowledge among our sales reps; it reinforces a true consultative relationship with our customers. In this way, we can truly be partners in success.”

DentalEZ® Group Fast Facts

Company headquarters in Malvern, Pa.

Four U.S. manufacturing facilities located in Bay Minette, Ala.; Lancaster, Pa.; New York City; and Spearfish, S.D. Overseas operations headquartered in Hertfordshire, U.K.

More than 350 employees worldwide

Number of sales representatives - 50

Approximately 80 percent of their products are destined for the U.S. market, with the remaining 20 percent exported to countries such as the U.K., France, Germany, Mexico, Korea, and China.