Product Report

Sept. 28, 2015

Premier Dental Products Co. recently introduced the Big Easy Implant Magnetostrictive Inserts. The no-scratch tip will safely and quickly clean around implant surfaces, and is also ideal for sensitive patients. The design features a permanently attached tip made from PEEK polymer (which is autoclavable).

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Nordent Manufacturing, Inc., recently introduced the Relyant VIP Starter Kit, a program that contains six standardized kits of Relyant scalers and curettes. Each kit includes a 6/7 anterior scaler, 204S posterior scaler, Barnhart 5-6 curette, Gracey 11-12, and Gracey 13-14 curettes. Nordent introduced its Relyant brand in 2012, featuring free, unlimited sharpening for the life of the instrument.


Orascoptic recently introduced HDL 3.0, a micro-optic loupe that yields a 3x magnification power. The HDL 3.0 is the second loupe to be released by Orascoptic under the HDL (high-definition loupe) moniker. An elongated aluminum bezel also supports steeper telescope declination, helping to reduce head tilt. The HDL 3.0 is available on all Orascoptic frame models and can be configured as a through-the-lens (TTL) and flip-up.


Oral Fitness Inc. recently launched a line of natural oral care products that feature natural and organic ingredients. The Dale Audrey Natural Oral Care line includes Ayurvedic oral pulling rinse, Ayurvedic toothpaste, natural tooth whitener, gum massager, tongue cleaner, and a battery operated sonic toothbrush. Developed by a dental hygienist, the products are designed for home care and chairside use.

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Elevate Oral Care recently introduced FluoriMax 5000, 1.1% sodium fluoride prescription toothpaste. FluoriMax 5000 provides protection against demineralization. The toothpaste has a vanilla-mint flavor and contains a proprietary additive that enhances fluoride performance, along with the added benefit of 10% xylitol. FluoriMax 5000 is available in a twin pack that provides six months of therapy.

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