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Product Report

March 1, 2006
DENTSPLY Professional and Cavitron introduce the new Cavitron Plus - the next generation of intelligent ultrasonic scalers.

New Cavitron® Plus™ ultrasonic scaler system

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DENTSPLY Professional and Cavitron introduce the new Cavitron Plus - the next generation of intelligent ultrasonic scalers. Cavitron Plus offers innovative features that allow clinicians to be more effective and efficient. The ergonomic 360˚ dual-mode wireless foot control can be activated from any angle. The illuminated Diagnostic Display lets you know at a glance which mode is active, and alerts you to any set-up or system errors. The new Rinse setting enables you to flush the pockets; and the Purge function helps you minimize between-patient set-up time. These enhancements, combined with established features such as Sustained Power System (SPS) technology, hands-free Boost mode, and ultra-low power Blue Zonerange provide the quality and reliability you expect from Cavitron systems.

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Dual-end interdental cleaners fight plaque

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Sunstar Butler has reinvented interdental cleaners with the completely redesigned GUM® Dual End Snap>Ons interdental cleaning system. Featuring a Dual End Proxabrush® Snap>Ons system and a Dual End Sulcus Snap>Ons system, each starter kit contains a cushion-grip, latex-free handle and pre-loaded antibacterial refills. Sunstar Butler provides the only interdental brush product with a dual-end handle.

The new cleaning system is ideal for people who need extra help reaching spaces between teeth or around bridges, implants, and orthodontic appliances, or for patients with galvanic sensitivity. The system features soft bristles that gently and effectively clean along the gum line to reduce plaque and help fight gum disease. It features the easiest loading system available. Just snap the refill into the handle and it’s ready to use.

For more information on new products, special offers, or to sign up for Sunstar Butler’s quarterly newsletter, visit

Treat the cause; not just the symptoms

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It is widely accepted that a definite group of highlypathogenic bacteria is the primary cause of progressive periodontal disease. Mechanical debridement is, by itself, often ineffective in eliminating certain tissue-invasive periodontal pathogens. A treatment with antibiotics may be necessary to eradicate these bacteria and to prevent the progression of the disease. Marker pathogen analyses with micro-IDent® and micro-IDent®plus provide information as to which disease-causing bacteria are present and in what amount.

Using this information, the clinician can decide if an antibiotic treatment is indicated and, most importantly, which antibiotic will demonstrate optimal efficacy. Microbiological testing serves as an indispensable prerequisite for the planning and optimization of periodontal therapy. Furthermore, periodontitis has a hereditary component. In patients with a genetically determined susceptibility, the disease progresses considerably faster than in other patients. The GenoType® PST®plus test can be easily performed to identify these susceptible individuals. These patients that are PST positive will require supportive maintenance programs designed specifically for their needs. Individualized periodontal therapy can be surprisingly simple. Find out what the most current diagnostics can do for you in your day-to-day practice.

Advanced Dental Diagnostics (ADDX) can provide more details and sampling sets free of charge. Call toll-free (866) 810-6090 or e-mail [email protected].

Team approach to photography and learning

Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. and Dental Learning Centers (DLC) have partnered to supply dental offices with a complete digital photography solution - the Canon® DentalFoto Digital Camera Kit. The Canon DentalFoto Digital Camera Kit is optimized through custom programming and a proprietary lens extension manufactured by DLC to assist clinicians in achieving accurate and professional photos that are ideal for patient case photos. Precise and lightweight, the Canon PowerShot A620 camera offers 7.1 megapixels, weighs slightly more than 12 ounces, and features a 4X optical zoom.

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The complete kit includes the Canon PowerShot A620 camera, proprietary lens extension, close-up lens set, lens cap, two sets of rechargeable batteries, and a trickle battery charger. It also includes three Secure Digital memory cards, a card reader/writer, custom aluminum carrying case, and dental photography manual.

For more information, call (800) 873-7683 or contact your local Patterson Technology representative.

Medical Waste Machine

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The Medical Waste Machine system replaces expensive, ongoing medical waste removal cost, which increases regularly and incurs a cost to you forever. This system can save small and large practices up to 90 percent annually. The Medical Waste Machine system improves liability exposure because there are no sharps on site, thanks to the sterilization process that converts the medical waste to ordinary waste immediately. Also, the system makes an important environmental contribution because the waste going to the landfill is not only reduced in volume by an average of 75 percent, but is sterile as well. By saving you money, eliminating your liability (for which you are responsible during your entire career), eliminating your paperwork, and improving the environment, this machine offers an unequivocal number of advantages over medical waste carriers.

Call Medical Innovations, Inc. toll-free in the U.S. at (866) 223-5858, PIN 3010, or (508) 358-8099.

Perio and ultrasonic promo by Hu-Friedy®

Hu-Friedy announces its “Better By Design” Periodontal and Ultrasonic Insert Promotion, which runs from March 1 to May 31. It features all dental hygiene products, including the new EverEdge Technology scalers and curettes, Swivel Direct Flowultrasonic inserts, and the SidekickSharpener.

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EverEdge Technology scalers and curettes feature a revolutionary new steel alloy that stays sharper 50 percent longer. This means less-frequent sharpening, less hand fatigue, and greater comfort throughout the day. The exclusive Swivel Direct Flow ultrasonic insert rotates easily at your fingertips for single-handed adjustment and more efficient scaling. Through-tip water delivery focuses the water flow directly to the tip - reducing excess spray for improved visibility and enhanced patient comfort. The compact, cordless Sidekick Sharpener makes routine sharpening of scalers and curettes fast and easy. This straightforward device guides you and your scaler to sharp, consistent results every time.

In addition to the great promotional deals, find out about Hu-Friedy’s Environdent recycling program. For complete details, call (800) HU-FRIEDY or contact your authorized Hu-Friedy dealer.

Free RDH socks with each box of Pivot® DPAs

Preventech is offering a free pair of RDH socks for each (144) box of Pivot Disposable Prophy Angles purchased beginning in February until supplies last. To qualify, simply purchase one box of Pivot DPA (144) and mail or fax your dental dealer invoice to Preventech, 1150 Crews Road, Suite H, Mathews, NC 28105; Fax: (704) 849-2417. Allow four weeks for delivery.

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In a recent survey, four out of five hygienists preferred Pivot NL Disposable Prophy Angles over other nonlatex brands. (Data available on request.) Pivot NL cups are designed to be softer and more elastic, so they may reach deeper interproximally and splay into the sulcus easier. Get the best of both worlds - a great-running angle with a great nonlatex cup and the free socks with each box!


Dental professionals can produce high-quality, high-impact prints of their digital images quickly and easily, using a new printer from Kodak. The KODAK PROFESSIONAL 1400 Digital Photo Printer produces continuous tone, high-resolution prints of digital photographic and radiographic images, as well as intraoral video still images for dental practices and labs. The compact, easy-to-use printer features rapid printing speeds, flexible print formatting, dry imaging technology to eliminate smearing and drying time, and special protective laminate for durable and archival prints. In addition, the KODAK 1400 Printer is economical to use, with a low price per print. The number of prints per Print Kit never varies, regardless of image complexity and density.

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The printer easily integrates with Kodak’s full suite of imaging software and solutions, enabling practice staff to print dental images to document cosmetic procedures, referral communications, case presentations, and patient education materials. The KODAK 1400 Printer is backed by a one-year limited warranty and Kodak’s expert service and support. For more information, call (800) 944-6365, visit, or contact your regional KODAK products representative.

Interplak® NT7CS Power Plaque Remover

Conair has launched a special sales promotion celebrating the new NT7CS Power Plaque Remover. Clinical research has proven that its specially engineered brush heads with individually rotating tufts help flush away toxins caused by plaque, reverse gingivitis, prevent gum disease, and prevent cavities.

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For a limited time, Conair is offering dental professionals the new Interplak NT7CS Power Plaque Remover for $19.99, and is offering volume discounts with free shipping for larger purchases. This versatile oral care system includes a compact, eight-tuft brush head, a soft, ribbed, nonslip comfort-grip handle, an easy, twist-off design for brush head replacement, and a charging light.

The NT7CS can be resold or offered as a gift to new patients, patients who haven’t been following a recommended oral care program, or new orthodontic patients.

For more information and to order, call (800) 633-6363.