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Products to see at the Greater New York

Oct. 1, 2017

The exhibit hall for the annual dental conference in New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center will be open on Nov. 26-29

Editor’s note: The information below regarding products featured at the Greater New York Dental Meeting is provided by the manufacturers.

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Premier Dental Products Co. - BioCoat

Julie Charlestein, the president and CEO of Premier Dental Products Company, answered the questions below about Biocoat, a bioactive resin pit and fissure sealant.

What is the coolest thing about SmartCap Technology? How does it work with BioCoat?

It’s fascinating, actually. Imagine a bubble, or better yet, a whiffle ball. The whiffle ball is pliable to some extent yet even though there are holes in it, it does not lose its shape. SmartCap Technology is similar to the whiffle ball on a microscopic level. SmartCap technology consists of tiny microspheres that contain, in this case, ionic solutions of fluoride, calcium, and phosphate. The microscopic holes in the microcapsules are only big enough to allow these ions to move in and out of the microcapsule, but it does not lose its shape - or technically, the microcapsule’s volume is conserved, which is one of the unique features of SmartCap.

When glass ionomers release fluoride, they are losing part of themselves; they are deteriorating. When fluoride and calcium and phosphate are released from SmartCap, the microcapsules keep their shape so shrinkage of the sealant (BioCoat) is minimized. But cooler still is the fact that the microcapsule recharge every time you brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste. Because they maintain their shape, they can “recharge” with new fluoride ions.

We know that BioCoat continues to release fluoride for several months after it is placed. BioCoat pit and fissure sealant protects teeth, has minimal shrinkage, and releases fluoride ions for extended periods of time. The microcapsules in SmartCap technology are responsible for this.

Why is BioCoat better for your patients?

Like most sealants, BioCoat helps protect vulnerable teeth by sealing the pit and fissures. Unlike other sealants, BioCoat is a resin sealant with all the benefits of a GIC. Besides the outstanding adhesion and durability you’d expect from a resin sealant, BioCoat’s extended release of fluoride and calcium and phosphate ions provides a continuous secondary protection mechanism. Remineralization ions released directly at the margins and to adjacent tooth surfaces assist in breaking the early, precarious demineralization cycle that occurs with the constant changes in the oral environment - and continues to do so for the life of the sealant.

What are BioCoat’s handling properties like?

The SmartCap microcapsules in the sealant enhance the flowability of BioCoat by acting like micro-ball bearings so delivery is bubble-free and smooth. The filler aids in the handling of the sealant just as you’d expect fillers to do, but the important thing about the filler in BioCoat is that its optimal size allows for penetration and adaptation into the smallest pits and fissures for a secure seal while at the same time allowing movement or access of the minerals into and out of the microcapsules.

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Dentsply Sirona - Cavitron Touch Ultrasonic Scaling System

The Cavitron Touch Ultrasonic Scaling System is designed to be user-friendly while also providing features for an improved scaling experience. It features the Steri-Mate 360 rotating handpiece combined with a featherweight cable for improved tactile sensitivity during the scaling procedure.

Also included as part of the system is the wireless Tap-On Technology foot pedal - designed to reduce leg and ankle discomfort associated with continued foot pedal usage. For more information, please visit:

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Preventech - Esamate Handpiece

Introducing the new esamate MW (Midwest) low speed handpiece. Infection prevention compliance is only the beginning …

CDC guidelines recommend that “dental handpieces and associated attachments should always be heat sterilized between patients,” adding “if a semicritical item is heat-sensitive, DHCPs should replace it with a heat-tolerant or disposable alternative.” Additionally, they state, “if a semicritical item does not come in contact with mucous membranes or non-intact skin, it does not require heat sterilization.”

Most practices utilize a plastic barrier on the handpiece to prevent cross contamination. Currently, 39 state dental boards subscribe to the CDC Guidelines.

In 11 states1, state dental practice acts mandate the heat sterilization of handpieces. (state dental practice boards in California, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington require semicritical items to be sterilized after every patient.) It’s not a recommendation. It’s the law. More states are expected to enact this policy.

The esamate MW handpiece is lube-free and features a durable stainless steel housing, making it heat sterilization tolerant and compliant with the dental practice acts in all 50 states. It weighs just 3.2 ounces, offers a 360-degree swivel and connects quickly and easily to esa disposable prophy angles. Esamate MW provides proven air-driven performance. No recharging or batteries! It’s also backed by a two-year warranty. For more information, call (800) 474-8681 or visit

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Sunstar Americas - Butler Monsterz

Who are the Monsterz?

Sunstar provides quality Monsterz-themed products under the Butler brand, a name that professionals have trusted over many years. The Sunstar Monsterz are Dino, Lily, Lenny and Lola. The Monsterz characters aim to help create a fun experience while visiting the dental office at an early age. Each colorful and unique looking character has been assigned a special mission and will assist the dental professionals in delivering quality oral hygiene care and education while making the visit exciting for young patients and their parents.

The Monsterz characters and their story can be a supportive resource to work together with dental professionals, so young patients will look forward to coming back for their next appointment.

What enables Butler Monsterz to bring excitement and smiles to children, parents, and professionals?

New Butler Monsterz chairside products, which aim to focus on helping create fun pediatric patient appointments and build sustainable habits of good oral hygiene at early age, will support the (already-available) GUM Monsterz toothbrushes. The full product line will work hand-in-hand to deliver continuity in memorable dental hygiene experiences that now can extend from the dental chair to home with the full Monsterz line of products.

Monsterz chairside products will empower young patients with color and flavor selections during the appointment to enhance interaction with dental professionals providing a positive experience with chairside procedures, turning a can-be anxious dental visit into a fun interactive experience for the younger patients.

The Butler Monsterz chairside products with four fun and unique characters will provide a distinctive, holistic approach to helping dental professionals create an enjoyable pediatric care experience for patients and their parents. Bringing smiles could be a universal goal with the Monsterz product line.

When will Butler Monsterz products be available?

We’re anticipating the family to arrive in the Fall of 2017. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

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Voco - Profluorid Varnish

What is Profluorid Varnish?

Profluorid Varnish is a transparent, 5% sodium fluoride varnish that is indicated for the treatment of hypersensitive teeth, due to its fast fluoride uptake; for the sealing of dentinal tubules for cavity preparation and sensitive root surfaces. It is also indicated as a cavity liner under amalgam restorations and, based on the recommendation of the ADA (JADA 2013), it is an excellent fluoride treatment for the prevention of caries.

What is unique about the application and dosing of the material?

Profluorid Varnish comes in a non-messy SingleDose delivery system, which contains enough material for either a child application or an adult application. It is easily opened by peeling back the corner to expose the varnish and the application brush.

Depending on practitioner preference, Profluorid Varnish can be applied either with the supplied brush or with a gloved finger. The material maintains a homogenous mixture, thus additional mixing prior to application is unnecessary. Profluorid Varnish enables a more enjoyable application experience due to its extremely thin film thickness - a characteristic that minimizes the headaches often experienced with competitor products such as the “clumping effect” (seen by practitioners) and the “sweater effect” (seen by patients).

Saliva is also needed to move the varnish into interproximal areas for a full coverage application. As a colophony-based fluoride varnish, best results are achieved by eliminating any excessive moisture (i.e. saliva) from the tooth where the application will begin initially. This minimizes clumping on the brush and will allow for better flow and coverage application, but still allows for maximum distribution of the sodium fluoride to all surfaces of each tooth especially the interproximal areas. The material is also available in tubes.

How does Profluorid Varnish taste?

Profluorid Varnish is available in five mild and great-tasting flavors without the unpleasant aftertaste of some other materials. The material is available in caramel, mint, cherry, melon, and Profluorid Varnish’s newest flavor, bubble gum. There is a palate-pleasing flavor for everyone. Patients have also reported that Profluorid Varnish not only taste better it feels better as it does not leave their teeth with that “gucky” feeling, especially after a prophy treatment.

Are there any harmful ingredients in Profluorid Varnish?

No. Profluorid Varnish does not contain tree nuts, peanuts, corn, shellfish, eggs, milk protein, soy, gluten, triclosan, petroleum, red dye/artificial coloring, saccharin or aspartame. Profluorid Varnish is, however, sweetened with xylitol.

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Tokuyama - Shield Force Plus Desensitizer

What really sets Shield Force Plus apart from other desensitizer products on the market?

At the end of the day, what really matters to any clinician is that the products they use are both effective and easy to use, and Shield Force Plus delivers on both aspects better than other products. Shield Force Plus is the only desensitizing product that will provide immediate sensitivity relief that also lasts up to three years. On top of this, Shield Force Plus is quicker and easier to use - just apply, dry, and light-cure, all done in 30 seconds. No dental dams, isolation, or mixing required.

Are there any tips and tricks for using Shield Force Plus?

Using Shield Force Plus is pretty simple and straightforward. However, the air-drying step should be done carefully. We recommend that the applied area be dried with gentle air for five seconds and then strong air for five seconds. Jumping straight to strong air for the full 10 seconds may blow Shield Force Plus off of the applied area and prevent it from working properly.

What is the best way someone can try Shield Force Plus out?

As with almost all Tokuyama products, Shield Force Plus has a 100% satisfaction guarantee that allows new users try the product out for up to 30 days risk-free. If they don’t love it, and there is still at least 50% of the product left in the bottle, they can return it and get their money back.