KaVo debuts PROPHYwiz hygiene handpiece

Feb. 1, 2005
Lightweight, smooth-running handpiece minimizes hand fatigue and helps reduce operator and patient stress level.

KaVo now makes polishing easier and more enjoyable with the new, ergonomic PROPHYwiz hygiene handpiece.

Now the lightest hygiene handpiece available, the PROPHYwiz minimizes hand fatigue. Ergonomic and well-balanced, it features a 360 degree swivel and provides ultimate comfort for all day use. The PROPHYwiz is ultra quiet and is the smoothest running hygiene handpiece, reducing operator and patient stress level.

With a durable 1-piece construction, the PROPHYwiz is easy to maintain and sterilize. It adapts to any 4-hole standard tubing and provides superior torque to overcome the toughest polishing challenges. Featuring a speed range of up to 3,000rpm, the PROPHYwiz can be used with either standard disposable or metal prophy angles.

For more information, call KaVo at 1-888-ASK-KAVO or visit www.kavousa.com.