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May 1, 2013
Sunstar GUM recently introduced its new Ultra Tight size of Proxabrush Go-Betweens Cleaners.
Sunstar GUM recently introduced its new Ultra Tight size of Proxabrush Go-Betweens Cleaners. The new Proxabrush is intended for patients with tighter contacts, and features new design elements such as triangular bristles and a flexible handle. Sunstar announced that design elements would be added to existing Proxabrush Go-Betweens sizes by June.Visit

SciCan recently introduced the HYDRIM C61w G4 instrument washer. The touchscreen, Internet-ready instrument washer uses fresh water and cleaning solution for every cycle. The HYDRIM C61w G4 has a six full-size cassette capacity, allowing offices to turn over 120 instruments in 35 minutes. The tabletop footprint allows for under-the-counter or counter top installation, maximizing workspace in a reprocessing area.


High Q recently introduced two new LED sources for the dental professionals — the C3 LED and the Beamer 10-watt LED Light Source. The C3 LED offers an option to update the Centauri Portable Halogen from halogen to LED. The Beamer 10-watt LED Source increases intensity, achieving a "whiter" field. Both options eliminate the cost of replacement lamps when switching to LED.

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Tom's of Maine recently introduced its new Naturally Clean toothbrush. With a plant-based handle made from renewable castor oil plants instead of petroleum, the Naturally Clean toothbrush also has dye-free, multi-height bristles to clean between teeth and along the gum line. The Naturally Clean toothbrush is BPA-free #7 plastic and is available with soft or medium bristles in unique green, blue, or purple hues with mineral-based pigments. It is recyclable through the Tom's of Maine TerraCycle collection Program, which gathers toothbrushes, as well as a wide array of personal care product packaging, and recycles them into useful products such as picnic tables and park benches to prevent waste from reaching landfills.Visit

Dentist Select recently introduced OraCare Oral Cleanser, which features activated chlorine dioxide (CLO2). The Dentist Select product, which is sold to patients only through dental offices, kills oral bacteria and candida albicans fungus, breaks down unhealthy biofilm, eradicates 99% of volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath, and does not stain or burn.

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I Heart Guts recently added Tooth Plush to its line of "plush organs." The company specializes in creating gifts based on human anatomy. The plush pillow organs are among creative designs also used in clothing, stickers, buttons, and pins.


SmartPrctice recently introduced Custom Reflection Whitening Kits that allow offices to create a kit that's uniquely theirs by uploading
a logo or chosen image online and adding the desired personalization. Kits are available in strengths of 10%, 22%, or 35% carbamide peroxide solution with added potassium nitrate to reduce sensitivity.The kits include two bulk 5 ml syringes of mint flavored teeth bleaching solution, two reusable, universal no-heat trays, and a shade guide and complete patient instructions. Dental offices are encouraged to use these kits as giveaways to new patients and as a thank you gift to referring patients.


Flow Dental recently added three fabric colors for their line of X-ray protective aprons — electric blue, bronze, and shimmering green. The colors reflect light in a diamond pattern. Flow's aprons are sandwiched between an easy-clean vinyl front and a tear-resistant non-slip back. Apron styles include bib, bib with attached thyroid collar, panoramic, child panoramic, and child bib aprons with attached thyroid collars.

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Oral SteriClean UV Toothbrush Sanitizers protect dental patients and families by eliminating all germs through sanitizing toothbrushes after brushing. Developed by a dental hygienist, the UV sanitizer features a UV light that turns on automatically for a few minutes once a toothbrush has been placed inside of it.


Acteon North America recently introduced a clinical camera, SoproCARE, which was developed for caries detection, prophylaxis, and periodontal treatment. The camera uses fluorescence technology to illuminate dental tissue to reveal occlusal caries, plaque, tartar, and gingival inflammation. In addition, SoproCARE can be used as an intraoral camera during an oral examination.


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