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TheraBreath Oral Rinse

March 1, 2013
TheraBreath Oral Rinse was developed by a dentist for his patients who were experiencing problems with halitosis and xerostomia.
TheraBreath Oral Rinse was developed by Dr. Harold Katz for his patients who were experiencing problems with halitosis and xerostomia. It is
a patented formula that is clinically proven to freshen breath for over 12 hours, as well as reduce mouth dryness in patients with dry mouth complaints. When you recommend TheraBreath Oral Rinse to your patients for bad breath or dry mouth, you can be sure they will be satisfied with their results -- we guarantee it on every bottle. TheraBreath Oral Rinse eliminates all food types of bad breath including bacterial and food odors. It works gently and effectively using the power of oxygen to naturally target germs that cause bad breath. The ease of use and over-the-counter accessibility of TheraBreath Oral Rinse offers your patients a bad breath cure that they can successfully maintain. TheraBreath products are available at food and drug retailers nationwide.

TheraBreath products have been used for almost 20 years by millions of happy customers in over 50 countries. It is America’s number one selling, dentist developed oral care brand. Your patients are looking for a full oral care regimen and TheraBreath offers a wide range of specialty oral care treatment options.

Our products will tackle the toughest halitosis and contain ingredients that will bring moisture to a dry mouth, fight gum disease, and bring a brighter luster to teeth. All TheraBreath products contain no artificial flavors, colors, detergents, or sulfates. Our sugar-free, kosher certified and all natural formulas are approved for diabetics, children, and even expectant women.