Product Report

Product Report


Mydent International recently added Defend Topical Anesthetic Gel to its line. The 20% benzocaine anesthetic gel provides temporary relief of pain during dental procedures, as well as comforts patients with minor mouth irritations. The Defend anesthetic gel is available in strawberry, cherry, pina colada, mint, bubble gum, grape, mango, raspberry, and banana flavors.

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ContacEZ recently launched its Hygienist Strip Stain Remover. The new strip is designed to remove extrinsic discoloration from interproximal surfaces without causing damage to tooth enamel. The nonabrasive, flexible stainless steel strips quickly clean proximal contact areas of coffee, tea, tobacco, and red wine stains. Thinner than dental floss, the Hygienist Strip is autoclavable (steam heat only, up to 286 degrees).



EPIEN Medical recently introduced Debacterol Canker Sore Pain Relief. The user simply touches the ulcer with the solution for 10 seconds for quick pain relief. Debacterol contains sulfonated phenolics and sulfuric acid, which are believed to act as tissue denaturants. The product is available professionally in single-application swabs or multi-dose vials.

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Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Inc., recently introduced its JustRight Mild Mint Flavored rinse in its CloSYS line. As with the company's traditional unflavored rinse, the new version is alcohol-free, cetylpyridinium chloride-free, and gluten-free. CloSYS Antiseptic Oral Rinse relies on Cloralstan, a patented ingredient that kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria in 10 seconds.



Hello Products recently announced new flavors to its toothpaste line, including a brand new line of mint-free pastes for kids - Peach Mango Mint, Supermint, Pink Grapefruit Mint, and Mojito Mint. The ADA-approved pastes feature xylitol and stevia. The formulations are free from ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, triclosan, microbeads, dyes, or preservatives.


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