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Product Report

May 1, 2002
CloSYS II neutralizes VSCs and bacteria
Raintree Essix oral hygiene products presents Closys II Toothpaste & Oral Rinse.
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CloSYS II neutralizes VSCs and bacteria
Raintree Essix oral hygiene products presents Closys II Toothpaste & Oral Rinse. They prevent gum disease and eliminate breath odors with a patented, oxygenating chlorine dioxide formulation. Closys II destroys, on contact, many species of offending bacteria, leaving breath fresh for hours and promoting healthy teeth and gums.

The chlorine dioxide cleansing action kills volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) which are associated with both gum disease and bad breath. ClosysII Toothpaste contains low abrasivity, is non-foaming, contains a natural professional polisher, and helps to reduce stains on teeth. The Oral Rinse is pH balanced, non-alcoholic, and has no residual aftertaste.

For more information on Closys II Toothpaste & Oral Rinse or other dental supplies, visit us at, or call (800) 883-8733 or (504) 488-0080.

Dentapops 3-in-1 device is a "hands-free" dental assistant
The Dentapop is a disposable intraoral device consisting of three parts working together: mouth prop, suction tube, and tongue deflector. The patient simply bites on the mouth prop which holds the mouth open and stabilizes the dry-field aspirator.

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The Dentapop can be placed in seconds, is fully adjustable to fit both adults and children, and is universal for either the left or right side of the mouth. It is comfortable to use and nonabrasive to soft tissues. It is excellent for sealants, ultrasonic scaling, and all operative procedures on both arches. Dentapops have been highly rated by the top product evaluators in dentistry.

For additional information on Dentapops, call Primotec, Inc., at (800) 959-8517, email at info@pri, or visit

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Great-tasting home-care products by Denti-Care are now available
Medicom, Inc. now offers a comprehensive line of home-care products to help improve patient compliance. DentiCare's great-tasting formulas meet special needs at any age, starting with 0.4 percent Stannous gel and 1.1 percent Neutral Sodium gel. Both provide antimicrobial benefits and extra protection against tooth decay at home. In as little as two weeks, patients also may experience reduced bleeding and relief from tooth sensitivity. The Neutral Sodium gel is compatible to use with esthetic restorations.

Denti-Care home-care also includes two types of oral rinses - a 0.12 percent chlorhexadine gluconate rinse (for adults with gum disease), and an alcohol-free, 0.05 percent sodium fluoride anti-cavity rinse (mostly for children).

To place an order, contact your local dealer. For product information, call (800) 361-2862 or visit

Clive Craig introduces lead-free apron
Clive Craig announces "The Lead Free Apron," protecting patients from secondary (scatter) radiation during intraoral or panoramic X-rays without the weight of lead.

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The Lead Free Apron features new, high-tech alloy sheeting that provides protection equivalent to a traditional lead apron, yet it weighs less than half as much - 3 lbs. vs. 6 lbs. 6 oz. It is much more comfortable for the patient - especially children - and is very easy to handle.

The Lead Free Apron features a Scotch-Guarded, corduroy backing that won't slip off patients, an easy-to-clean vinyl front, and it is compatible with all existing apron hangers. Also available with an attached collar.

For more information, call (800) 833-8267 or visit

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Get a grip on healthy pockets!
With the New Pocket™ Sulcabrush®, patients can get a grip on healthy pockets! Recommended for patients who have difficulty flossing, the New Pocket Sulcabrush offers the same therapeutic benefits as the original (long handle) Sulcabrush - in a more compact and transportable handle.

A Sulcabrush tip is threaded into the obtuse angle of the handle to reach the outside gums, flipped, and threaded onto the other side of the hole to reach the inside of the mouth.

The wavy handle of the brush stores the replacement tips (with hole for air circulation).

Patients can purchase a Sulcabrush at Walgreens and Wal-Mart. For a free sample of the New Pocket Sulcabrush, call (800) 387-8777 or visit

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Nupro White Gold™ maintains whitening results longer
Dentsply Professional announces one of the most significant patient-centered improvements to a take-home tooth-whitening system: Nupro White Gold™. New packaging features color-coded syringes with an integrated dispensing tip, a more rugged outer take-home container, and a new hard-plastic clamshell that holds six 3-ml whitening-gel syringes. Two clamshells are included with each patient kit of Nupro White Gold - one containing four syringes, the other containing two. Each clamshell can serve as a rugged travel case.

Another innovative feature is the separation of the patient take-home materials and the dentist/laboratory components.

Nupro White Gold has been clinically proven to maintain whitening results for more than two years after treatment. For additional information, contact Dentsply Professional at (800) 989-8826, see your authorized Dentsply Professional distributor, or visit www.professional.dentsply. com.

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Replaceable brush head for SpinBrush™
Crest announces that it will improve upon its wildly successful SpinBrush™ line of affordable electric toothbrushes by converting to replaceable heads on all of its adult model brushes. The new replaceable-head models are available now at their original low price. The replacement heads come in packages of two, and for the same price as the SpinBrush.

For additional information about the SpinBrush and other Crest products, visit

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Salivart® synthetic saliva offers relief from xerostomia
The Gebauer Company has developed an effective saliva substitute called SalivartRegistered. The major functional roles of saliva include digestion, lubrication, and protection. Salivart substitutes for human saliva no longer being produced by the body due to certain diseases, radiation, drug groups, or the aging process.

A quick spray of Salivart will relieve the symptoms of xerostomia. It is sprayed directly into the mouth and throat, and can be swallowed. Its aerosol delivery coats the oral mucosa quickly and evenly, is easy to use, and effective. Salivart comes in a 75g, nitrogen-propelled, environment-friendly spray can.

For more information, call (800) 321-9348 or visit

SatPax® 1000 Presaturated sterile wipers combine convenience and efficacy
Berkshire Corporation introduces Sterile SatPax® 1000 Presaturated Wipers, engineered specifically for use in aseptic processing zones where microbial and particle contamination is present. The Sterile SatPax 1000 Wiper is presaturated with 70 percent USP-grade Isopropyl alcohol for one-step disinfecting or cleaning, eliminating the issues of safety in mixing, dispensing, and storing solvents.

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A nonwoven polyester/cellulose substrate provides superior strength, and meets ANSI/ISO/AAMI sterility standards. SatPax wipers are available in convenient, resealable, flexible pouches that prevent solvents from evaporating and extend the use of a wiper throughout the day. C-fold design allows easy one-at-a-time dispensing for economy of use.

Berkshire offers a full line of contamination-control products. For more information, call (800) 242-7000 or visit

New ultrasonic scaler has more power, less bulk
Amdent introduces the US 30 Piezo ultrasonic scaler, fully loaded with features that benefit users and patients. Tips with linear movement produce very little noise during scaling and fast calculus removal, improving patient comfort. The patented autoclavable Quick-a-tip system integrates - in one instrument - a metal tip, sleeve, and wrench, resulting in easy, quick, and safe tip replacement.

For improved versatility, the US 30 can be offered with an optional endo switch for root canal work. Another option is a medicament dispenser with easy-to-replace reservoirs, fully autoclavable.

For more information, call your dealer or call DBI America at (800) 884-3507 to find the nearest Amdent representative.

Test detects oral malodor and periodontal risk
The BANA Test is a five-minute, inexpensive chairside test for malodor and periodontal risk. The result of 15 years of research and more than 40 published scientific and clinical studies, the BANA Test is a major advance in the scientific detection of both oral malodor and periodontal risk.

The BANA Test offers clinicians the accuracy of a laboratory test in a fast and easy-to-use test strip. For malodor, simply wipe a tongue swab onto the test strip; for periodontal risk, use subgingival plaque. If the strip turns blue, it's positive for significant populations of P. gingivalis, B. forsythus, or T. denticola, all of which are highly correlated with oral malodor and periodontal risk. Despite its simplicity, low cost, and ease-of-use, the BANA Test is a highly sensitive and specific scientific test with exceptionally low false positive or negative results.

For more information, contact OraTec Corporation at (800) 368-3529.

Rembrandt Sapphire Light boosts bleaching power by 50 percent
A new clinical evaluation presented at the International Association of Dental Research (IADR San Diego, March 8, 2002) supports the efficacy of power lights used during in-office tooth bleaching procedures.

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The evaluation, performed by Den-Mat's director of research, Dr. Xinyl Yu, examined the Rembrandt Sapphire Light used in the Rembrandt One-Hour Whitening procedure, proving that the system can significantly whiten teeth in a short time. The conclusions corroborate two other Loma Linda University bleaching studies.

Tests also proved that dehydration-induced "bleaching relapse" syndrome does not occur with the Rembrandt system, and showed virtually no relapse one week after use. Tests also revealed no adverse effects on gum tissue.

The system whitens teeth approximately 50 percent more than gel used alone, with an average start-to-finish difference of 10.5 shades. The Rembrandt One-Hour Whitening procedure is available at dental offices nationwide.

For more information, call (800) 445-0345 or visit or