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Products to see: Chicago Midwinter

Feb. 21, 2017
RDH magazine encourages readers to visit these exhibitors during the Chicago Dental Society's annual conference on Feb. 23-25

RDH magazine encourages readers to visit these exhibitors during the Chicago Dental Society's annual conference on Feb. 23-25

Montana Jack Titanium by PDT Demtal

Featuring a contra-angle design for the most universal adaptation, the Montana Jack Titanium won't scratch implants, thanks to PDT's uniquely processed solid titanium blade. With a sharp, durable cutting edge that provides convenient interproximal access, it's the perfect implant instrument for every hygiene setup. To try the Montana Jack Titanium, visit PDT Booth #1444.

pdtdental.com | Booth #1444

EyeZoom Mini by Orascoptic

Stop by booth 1404 during the Chicago Dental Society's Midwinter Meeting to see the latest ergonomic product offerings, get a complimentary product demo, and receive attendee only discounts on various magnification and illumination products. Also, don't miss your chance to try EyeZoom Mini, a miniature adjustable magnification loupe that offer 2.5x and 3.5x powers in one telescope. Want to learn more? Visit Orascoptic.com/events today.

orascoptic.com | Booth #1404

BioCoat by Premier Dental

Premier Dental introduces BioCoat, a bioactive resin pit-and-fissure sealant containing innovative, patented SmartCap Technology. The sealant flows into pit and fissures, forming a protective barrier and is 56% filled, which provides long lasting wear protection. SmartCap Technology utilizes semi-permeable resin microcapsules filled with ionic solutions of fluoride, calcium, and phosphate, which diffuse in and out of the sealant. These ions assist with strengthening enamel, margins sealed against microleakage, and offer an extra line of defense during acid attacks.

premusa.com (888) 670-6100 Booth #3800

VellaMini by Preventech

Choose the easier back-of-the-glove technique to apply clear formula VellaMini 5% sodium fluoride varnish! New VellaMini features NuFluor, a patented combination chemistry containing calcium, phosphate and fluoride. VellaMini has great fluoride release and uptake at two hours. Plus, it contains xylitol and is gluten and n-Hexane free. Available in new caramel, spearmint, bubble gum, melon, and strawberry. Visit us at booth 2804 for free samples.

preventech.com | Booth #2804

Shield Force Plus by Tokuyama Dental America

Applying desensitizer should be as easy as 3-2-1 and done. With its innovative Double-Block technology, Shield Force Plus provides immediate relief to your patients for up to three years by sealing the dentinal tubules with two layers of protection. Done in one quick 30-second application. Shield Force Plus is completely glutaraldehyde free, so no more irritation for you or your patients. Visit us at booth 1634 or call (877) 378-3548 for an exclusive promotion.

tokuyama-us.com | Booth #1634

Relyant and XDURA scalers and curettes by Nordent

With our Relyant and XDURA scalers and curettes, you'll never have to sharpen again. We'll do it for you. Free. For life. The Nordent Never Sharpen Again Solution includes your choice of two superior product lines-our signature, high-quality Relyant scalers or our premium, longer-lasting XDURA instruments-plus free, fast, lifetime professional sharpening for both. Just send them in for 24-hour turnaround service. And when it's time for a new one, we'll give you a 40% discount on an identical replacement. It's fast, easy, and worry-free. The Nordent Never-Sharpen-Again Solution...it's one of the sharpest moves you'll ever make!

nordent.com | Booth #1411

MI Paste by GC America

MI Paste is a topical treatment crème that can be used safely and effectively several times daily. The topical paste releases bioavailable calcium, phosphate and fluoride (the regular MI paste does not contain fluoride) when they are needed most. It provides a topical coating for patients suffering from sensitive teeth and oral mucosa. MI Paste is available in five flavors: mint, strawberry, melon, tutti-frutti.

gcamerica.com | Booth #4600

GUM Monsterz Toothbrushes by Sunstar

New GUM Monsterz Toothbrushes are designed for children. The unique features are designed for smaller mouths. Fun and friendly Monsterz help with compliance. For kids two years and older, there's a small brush head and handle; For children five years and older, a medium brush head and handle. The colored, center bristles promote proper toothpaste dosage.Monsterz feature a soft, gentle, end-rounded bristle design, and the brush head is cushioned. The soft ergonomic handle has a thumb pad, and the base has a suction cup. The place orders, call (800) 528-8537.

medicom.com | Booth #4201

Duraflor Ultra 5% Fluoride White Varnish by Medicom

Duraflor Ultra 5% Fluoride White Varnish is Medicom's next generation of varnish featuring our fastest fluoride release over a two- and four-hour period. The technologically advanced formula provides your patients with unmatched fluoride benefit results. Duraflor is sweetened with xylitol in caramel, mint, and strawberry flavors. The varnish features a smooth consistency for ease of application, and dries to a natural tooth color for better patient compliance.

medicom.com | Booth #4030

FlexCare Platinum Connected by Philips Sonicare

The new Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected reveals your patients' brushing habits and helps coach them to no longer miss spots, avoid scrubbing and focus on trouble areas. Smart Sensor Technology tracks how they brush and sends data to the Sonicare app, which provides real-time feedback and personalized coaching.

philipsoralhealthcare.com Booth #4414